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Winter 2013


As I write this, Nemo is baying at our pool filter, which comes on every day right about now.  While we're settling in nicely, some things take a bit of time to get used to, especially for a beagle.  He's a creature of habit.


I did a big catch-up the last time I updated, so just a few goodies for now. As always, you can catch up with my day to day doings on my blog where I post two to three times a week. 


I finished my novella, Let It Snow, last month, for a Christmas anthology tenatively titled "The Christmas Wedding Quilt."  My co-authors Sarah Mayberry and Janice Kay Johnson were lots of fun.  We plotted together and did a "bible" about our characters and settings and, of course, the quilt.  This novella has nothing to do with my Shenandoah Album series, but there is a quilt that goes through all three stories.  Hoping for a wonderful cover.


Now I'm hard at work on No River Too Wide, the third book in my Goddesses Anonymous series.  The proposal and the title were immediately accepted, and while I'm delighted, I had to smile.  Normally I get very committed to my titles and when my publisher inevitably changes them, I am depressed for weeks. This time I refused to get attached, and I made a long list of possible "River" titles to suggest when this one was rejected, as I was sure it would be.  Nope.  So apparently the trick is not to mind what they decide about my titles?


Somewhere Between Luck and Trust goes on sale mid-June but is available for pre-orders.  If you have time email me to tell me your thoughts on the cover. I'll pass those on to my editor.


We're absolutely loving our new house, community and town, and of course our home state of Florida.  I have definitely moved to Happiness Key.  We've met such nice people, and we're already as involved as we can possibly be and still have time to work.  Among other things I've nearly completed my training as a Literacy Volunteer and have been assigned my own learner.  Writing Somewhere Between Luck and Trust helped me get busy and do this, something I've wanted to do for a long time.


Almost every community needs volunteers to tutor non-readers or help newcomers learn English.  I bet you'd be good at this, too.  Imagine not being able to read?  Or communicate?


I'm also doing something wonderfully fun.  I have the e-rights back to the first 29 books I ever wrote, romances but still very much like the books I write now, only with more--as an Aussie friend says--smoochy bits.  I won't put all of them up, I don't think, but many of them go nicely with my new books.  So we're having them scanned, new covers developed, and they'll be online soon at places you already go, like Amazon, B&N, etc.  Watch my blog for news.  Many of these were made into movies in Germany.


If you're an HGTV fan, be sure to check the category "renovations" on my blog to see what's up with our summer cottage.  Wow, the destruction!


I think your many emails and letters to my publisher about the Shenandoah Album series have borne fruit.  The first three books, Wedding Ring, Endless Chain, and Lover's Knot, will be reissued in trade format this summer.  Hopefully a new book will be in the offing, either through traditional channels or possibly as an ebook I self-publish.  We'll see.


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As always, thanks for reading along with me.  And while it's still cold outside, find somebody's (it doesn't have to be mine) great novel and settle in with it.  Time will fly.