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I loved many things about my years in New Orleans, not the least of which was the local custom of giving “lagniappe” which simply means something extra and unexpected. Just having a word to express the idea made it easier for me to appreciate lagniappe when it was offered to me. Several weeks ago I received writer lagniappe. When…

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With a Little Help From My Friends

My pre-Inauguration trip to Florida was not all sand sculpture and walks on the beach.  A lot of it involved eating. . .  no, that’s not what I meant to say.  There certainly was plenty of that, too, but grouper tacos were not the real reason I flew back into the scenes of my childhood. …

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This We Can Do

When you live just outside Washington DC, and your candidate wins the presidency, you go to the Inauguration?  Right?  Oh, wait.  Millions of other people are planning to go.  The temperatures will be below freezing.  There is no hope of getting transportation into the city that morning because the Metros will be mobbed and the roads closed,…

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Sand, Sea and Renewal

So yes, I disappeared for longer than expected this month, leaving “Resolutions or Revolutions?” to hold my place here in case new readers happened to stumble on Southern Exposure while I was farther south than usual in Florida.  And no, I wasn’t fomenting revolution, although I was working on my personal version, spending more time with my husband and with friends…

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Resolutions or Revolutions?

I’ll confess, I’m not a huge fan of resolutions.  The word itself lacks punch.  “I resolve to. . .” just sounds lame to me, like something I might decide on my way to the kitchen and forget once I’m there.  “I resolve to eat less, eat more vegetables, drink more water, only eat whole grains,…

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