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Archive for February 2009

Facing up to Facebook

Just a quickie, before we resume the Guatemalan travelogue.  After serious urging by my publisher and the worry that I might be the only person left in the universe who is NOT on Facebook or other networking sites, the great and powerful wizard (Marna, my brave and true assistant) put up a page for me this…

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Weaving The Story of Women

I promised another side of Guatemala, one of the most multi-faceted places I’ve yet to visit, a country so visually extraordinary that there were few moments when somebody on our trip wasn’t snapping photos.  Since only the men in my family seem to have the photography gene, my photos pale in comparison.  Yet even I…

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In Elisa’s Footsteps

Some years ago, in the middle of reading a loosely researched novel about New Orleans where “cable cars” zoomed down the “median” on St. Charles Avenue, I decided I would never write about a place I had not, at the very least, visited for an extended time.  In New Orleans we had streetcars, and we…

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Travels with Emilie

I’ll confess that all I ever need to hear are the words “Do you want to go?” and I’m ready and willing, passport in hand.  I have yet to take an international trip I wish I hadn’t attempted.  I’m always excited.  At first.  Then the reality sets in.  Exactly “why” did I think this was a…

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An “Endless Chain” of Events

Through the magic of the Internet, and the help of Marna, my valued assistant, you’re viewing this post when I’m not even home to send it.  Instead I’m in Guatemala, on a church-sponsored trip dedicated to learning about the struggles of the Mayan people after the political turmoil and yes, deaths of thousands.  You may have…

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Love or Murder? What’s My Mood?

I have the best career.  If I’ve had a bad day, I can quietly and efficiently make it better.  Without lifting more than a finger (or ten) I can make certain that somewhere, justice prevails.  I can even, if I’ve had a particularly awful day, make sure that somebody I’ve grown to despise is forced…

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Lagniappe–with feathers

Yesterday when my husband told me to look outside, I expected to see one of our local foxes.  Or deer.  Instead look who was visiting.  Unfortunately the SIZE of this guy isn’t clear.  Our blue heron friend was about five feet tall.  I’ve never seen a larger one.  I was thinking ostrich. The photo is…

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I Am Quilter, Hear Me Roar!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. . .  Shhh. . .  Come closer.  You can make a quilt.  Yep, YOU.  Okay, so you’ve never done it before.  Well, everybody had to start somewhere, right?  And I’ve got just the place for you to begin.  One block a month.  That’s all you…

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