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Finding Your Voice

Never having owned a beagle, when people asked if puppy Nemo had found his voice, I found the question odd.  Yes, Nemo growled, and barked–or something that passed for one.  And sometimes, Nemo even howled.  This last was charming, a serenade similar to the one our Australian Shepherd used to warble when he sang along at birthday parties. Then…

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No Cause for Alarm

“Tomorrow March 25 between 9:30 and noon, CBS Paramount pictures will be filming a TV scene on the Potomac River near the Key Bridge in which special effects (loud noise and fire) will simulate a small water vessel being blown up.  This will be a heavily monitored and controlled event lasting only a few seconds. …

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A Real Book?

At what moment does a book become real to its author?  Tonight, surfing the Internet, I saw my upcoming July book, Happiness Key, on Shelfari, the cover bright and sunny, smiling happily at me from my computer screen.  I moved to Amazon, and there it was again. My baby.  Soon for sale.  Too cool. 

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Hodgepodge and Spam: But not a recipe

I absolutely promise to be insightful at a later moment.  I’ll be witty and profound, as well–as soon as I remember how.  But in the meantime, a few announcements.  Please, bear with me.  First, on the beauties of having a Facebook page. The moment I thought I’d figured out how to use this wonderful tool, Facebook decided…

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We Interrupt This Blog for a Short Commercial Break

One of the reasons I’ve so enjoyed writing the Shenandoah Album novels has been the chance to design quilts with words.  Never mind how hard they are to actually construct.  I can sew my quilts with sentences, choosing colors I love and imagining the result.  Early on, of course, Leisure Arts blessed me with real quilts…

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Dreaming Large

A story begins with a dream.  Not necessarily the kind that involves pajamas and firm mattresses, but the kind we all have, that waking moment when our minds go spinning into outer space imagining what could be instead of what is. 

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On the Scent

Nemo and I take a morning walk almost every day.  Nemo’s particularly fond of snow and ice, and Emilie is not.  Despite this, we find ways to cope.  A regional park not far from my house offers trails through the forest, as well as a wide road that’s plowed at the first sign of snow.  On snowy…

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Still Crazy After All These Years

Are you participating in the block of the month project I’m doing with Pat Sloan?  Are you considering participation?  Or are you simply interested in what quilters do?  Then read on.  If not, there are lots of blogs below this one to entertain you while I show the block of the month participants how to…

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Guatemalan Rainbows

I promised one more blog on my Guatemalan trip.  When I dream of my time there, I will always dream in color, because no country I’ve visited has more to share. There was color at the market place, where men and women arrived early, walking for miles on narrow mountain roads, wares on their heads and…

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