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Who Does Emilie Read? Diane Chamberlain For One

Inevitably during every interview I’m asked the names of authors I enjoy.  Inevitably Diane Chamberlain is at the top of my list. Diane and I became more than mutual admirers when I moved to Northern Virginia a decade ago and found she lived here, too.  We began to get together to chat, then to brainstorm,…

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Unexpected Reminders–the Other Side of Memorial Day

Sometimes little miracles are easy to miss.  Luckily my son saw these and warned us before we pulled on our boots for a hike into Central Virginia woods this holiday weekend.  Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have passed from our lives.  These tiny eggs were a reminder of new lives about to be…

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Live Long and Prosper

I am a Trekkie.  I don’t go to conventions, and I don’t dress in costume–although I once made a complicated Star Fleet uniform for one of my sons.  Now that he’s well into his twenties, I’m sure he would prefer I not discuss how cute he looked as Captain Kirk.

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Wish You Were Here

Right now I need a slice of Wanda’s Key lime pie. You haven’t yet had the pleasure of Wanda’s company.  She’s one of the women of Happiness Key.  Wanda bakes pies when she’s stressed.  She bakes pies when she’s happy, too.  In fact Wanda bakes so many pies, she’s always on the lookout for friends to give…

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Mother’s Day–another excuse to be happy

Some words are loaded with emotion.  “Mother” is one of them.  If you’re reading this, you had a mother, whether you knew her or not, loved her or not, appreciated her or not.  Some of you may have recently lost your mother.  Some of you may just have found her.  Some of you may by…

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My Hands are Tied

I love my email.  First of all, most of it is positive.  Overwhelmingly.  Going to the computer every day to write a novel takes either a certain amount of ego or a complete absence of good sense.  Often a positive email gives me the necessary ego boost to start work.  Sometimes it blunts what good sense is left after…

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