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We Interrupt This Happiness Blog for Thanks, Laughs and Links

So many of you have commented here for my “Happiness” contest, sixty-five yesterday in fact.  I wish I could respond to each of you.  Some of you are going through difficult times, still managing to be happy amidst the chaos.  Some have trials ahead, but are still–forgive the cliche–stopping to smell the roses. Many of you thanked…

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Who Says You Can’t Buy Happiness? Coupons R Us

Bargains R Us. I’m always delighted with a bargain.  I love Ebay.  I regularly salivate over reduced yarn and fabric I really don’t need, as well as the colorful emails that announce them. When I can’t shop locally I love online bookstores, where I can combine orders to qualify for free shipping, especially in these tumultuous economic times. Last…

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Happiness Key: Tracy’s Story, Part Three

And here’s the final portion of Tracy’s story.  Next week, Janya’s turn! Tracy’s Story, Part Three I have asked myself a time or two if I would have ditched CJ so fast if I’d really loved him. This is a back-asswards way to figure out if you love somebody, but I think love had too…

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Happiness Key: Tracy’s Story, Part Two

If you read Tuesday’s blog, you know that I’m sharing Tracy’s story this week.  Tracy is one of four major women characters in my new novel Happiness Key, which will debut next month.  Without delay, here’s part two of Tracy’s tale.   Tracy’s Story, Part Two Up to that point I’d had other significant moments in…

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Happiness and Taking Chances

I start every morning at my computer with a familiar ritual.  I enter a contest to win a house. Any house. Sometimes it’s the HGTV Dream Home, or Green Home.  Right now it’s the Southern Living Choose Your Home Giveaway.  I envision myself living in Sonoma, California, or Habersham, South Carolina, or any number of fabulous places.  I furnish the…

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The Way it Should Be–the Joys of Parenthood

I have the greatest admiration for any single mom or dad.  Raising children with two parents is difficult.  Raising children alone?  Anyone doing this deserves all our support.                                       Take Mama Bird, for instance. Remember those babies in the boot from my photo last weekend?  Unformed little critters who barely resembled birds?  Now look.  One…

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Small Blessings–the joys of spring and motherhood

Wondering about the eggs in the boot from a couple of blogs ago?  Wondering what kind of bird fits inside a boot  to lay so many perfect tiny eggs?  Wonder no more. Mama Bird’s a Carolina wren, and very conscientious.  The babies are alive and well, although we hope they eventually begin to look more…

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