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River, Take Me Away (And it did)

Maybe I take my own blogs too seriously.  When Southern Exposure first saw the light of day, I wrote a blog entitled “River, Take Me Away,” using the title of a song my family learned at summer camp when our children were still living at home.  Maybe that song or that blog was there, in…

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Can You Hear Me Now? Audio Books and Narrators

Imagine my joy last year when I discovered that the five novels in my Shenandoah Album series from Mira Books would be made into audio books.  At every event I attended, readers had asked for that format, and I knew that personally, nothing made me happier than quilting or walking Nemo while an audio book…

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In The Beginning–So Where on Earth Did that Novel Come From?

Ask any novelist what readers most often want to know about his/her work.  I can almost guarantee he or she will tell you, “Where do you get your ideas?”   Some authors–tired of this perfectly legitimate question–will answer “The idea store.”  “And don’t we all wish it were that easy?” they ask. I’m here to pass on…

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Travels With Emilie–or Breakfast in the Middle of the Rhine

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Europe.  As part of my husband’s sabbatical, we’ll be cruising the Rhine for two weeks, exploring countries we’ve always wanted to visit.  Somehow in our travels we’ve missed Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.  We have been to France, but only (only?) Paris.  So now we’ll…

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The Dog Who Came to Stay

We celebrated Labor Day in Virginia’s Piedmont, surrounded by rolling hills and mountains.  One night we sat in a screened-in pond house at sunset with wine and cheese and family, waiting for the night noises to begin. It’s not unusual to have all manner of animals tiptoe down to the pond for their own nightly…

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Parlez-vous français? If so, you’re in luck.

Contests, we have contests, we have lots and lots of contests. . . Before I launch into the newest one, let’s review. As always, if you sign up for my mailing list, you’re automatically entered in my monthly autographed book giveaway.  You never need to do another thing. Next you have until the end of September…

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