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Mail Bonding: Letters from My Readers

Dear Ms. Richards, Recently I found your Shenandoah Album books and read them all.  Sure I had found an author I could admire and trust, I went back and read some of your other novels. I found several words that I don’t even want to “think.”  I am now ashamed to be seen with your novels. I…

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There Be Pirates: Illegal Downloads and Why They Affect You

Free books are a treat we all enjoy.  Books given as gifts.  Books won in contests, like the ones I frequently offer here and on my website.  Books loaned to us by good friends.  Even books checked out at the library, although, of course, your taxes support that fabulous institution, so technically those books aren’t…

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The Rift That Will Not Mend–When Adoptions Fail

This week the news networks were filled with stories of the “mother” who sent her adopted son back to Russia, unaccompanied by anybody except flight attendants and the child’s own distress and sense of failure.  Her action was wrong, plain and simple.  No child deserves that treatment.  No flight attendant deserves or should accept that kind of responsibility.  And…

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Trigger Unhappy–Avoiding Anger and Embracing Patience

There I was on the telephone with my county treasurer’s office, holding in my hand the threatening letter they’d sent because my annual application for a business license had been two days late, and, according to their records, my 10% fine had not yet been paid. I had paid it, of course, immediately after receiving the…

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