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Racing To Conclusion: The Fine Art of Finishing A Novel

If you hang out with me on my Facebook reader page, then you know that yesterday I was in New York filming a promotional video with the delightful authorKatie Fforde, who writes romantic comedies and lives in–gasp–the Cotswolds of England.  In my next life I plan to live in the Cotswolds, too.  I’ve already put in…

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What A Difference A Letter Makes: Happy Is A Five Letter Word

I’ll confess profanity rarely bothers me. Maybe my tolerance comes from my father, who was an army staff sergeant during World War II and didn’t always remember to temper his speech later after I made my appearance. Or maybe I’m less bothered because on the radical streets of Berkeley, California, where my husband did his…

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Let’s Start At The Very Beginning: The Write Way

Choosing the right idea and distilling it to is essence before building on it, is vital for cooks and novelists. Take the humble corn tortilla as a model. The grocery store version is fine, but the homemade version? Spectacular. Although it’s nothing more than masa and water, the tortilla serves as an exquisite base for creativity. Novelists must learn to take a simple, beautifully constructed idea, too, and once they understand all the possibilities, use it as a springboard for their own creativity.

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Visit My Guest Blog and Contest at Fresh Fiction

Today I’m blogging at Fresh Fiction about friendship and friendship novels.   Why did I decide to write the Happiness Key series?  Can the theme of friendship carry a trilogy?  Come visit the Fresh Fiction website and find out.  Oh, and while you’re there?  I’m also running a contest on their website.  One lucky reader will win…

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Far Too Infrequently Asked Questions

Almost every author website has a Frequently Asked Questions page.  Since I just discovered that the drop-down menu on my home page isn’t producing a link to mine, I can even say once that’s fixed, you might actually stumble upon my FAQ now and then under Bio.  If you do, you’ll find the correct order…

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You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto–What Are Reviews Really Worth?

The subject of this blog?  Oddly enough, not the reviews for Fortunate Harbor.  Yes, the book’s out now, and yes there have been lots of reviews, the vast majority, I’m happy to say, good ones like this from Publishers Weekly: “A juicy, sprawling beach read with a suspenseful twist. . .”  Or this from Randall Radic at Basil…

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Last Day To Use Your Fortunate Harbor Coupon

Just a reminder that today is the last day the $1.50 coupon for Fortunate Harbor will be honored.  Just remember to ask your bookseller first so you won’t be disappointed at the register.  Individual stores differ on what they will and won’t accept.  Once again, here’s the coupon link for printing. Thanks to all of…

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