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Iron Lace: A Book of the Heart

I received two interesting emails this morning.  One from a writing student who participated in a class I taught last summer, and one from Fresh Fiction, a website for book lovers.  Fresh Fiction generously reminded me I have a book coming out tomorrow . . . EEEEEEK. . . . Okay, I KNEW I had…

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Cleaning Out My Office, One Book At A Time

Some dilemmas are so easily resolved, but it takes creativity.  Recently when my publisher “gifted” me with multiple cartons of my upcoming re-releases, I raised my hands to the heavens and shrieked.  Ask my assistant, she was there.  There is simply no place to put more books.  I already have a gazillion cartons–including my lovely Quilt…

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Haiku vs. Epic–Which Kind of Reader Are You?

I’ll confess that unlike some of my colleagues, I believe in reading my reviews.  First, I’m incapable of not reading them.  That kind of self control is absolutely beyond me.  Second and more important, I know I will learn something.  I always do, even if I only learn that a particular review site is not…

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That Final Piece of the Puzzle–When Ideas Fall Into Place

We had the privilege of hosting a colleague and friend of my husband for dinner this week, along with his delightful wife and daughter.  Although our cottage is chock full of toys for younger children– toys our own children played with that are now happily at home here for grandchildren and visitors–we did not have…

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Laying the Groundwork and Planting the Seeds

Back in late June I blogged about all the wonderful things I did that month instead of writing.  This was my first stint at our funky old cottage in Chautauqua, New York, and between plumbers and carpenters, cleaning and weeding out, and yes, meeting and enjoying the company of neighbors, I ended up with far…

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