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Sniffing Out A Story, One Piece of Evidence At A Time

I’m still not quite sure how this happened.  One moment I volunteered to dog-sit for the pathetic puppy that my son and daughter-in-law had  rescued from the path of a bush hog and nursed back to health.  The next I was on the telephone with my husband, who was out of town at a conference. …

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“I Was Adorable”–Eddie Fisher and The Men We Love

Eddie Fisher died this week, and now, thanks to this morning’s excellent Washington Post obituary, the man and his “impact” are on my mind. I’m a novelist, after all, and understanding the human heart is my job, maybe even my responsibility. I’m just old enough to remember Eddie Fisher as someone other than the father of Carrie, the…

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The Book That Will Not End–When One Novel Becomes A Series

Two weeks ago I asked my Facebook “fans” to suggest topics they’d like me to blog about here.  Then I sweetened the pot by doing a giveaway in conjunction.  Three commenters were chosen at random and received autographed copies of my novels.  See what you miss if you’re not hanging out with us on the page? …

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The Challenging Life of a Minister’s Wife–An Interview With Aggie Sloan-Wilcox

Please welcome today’s guest, Aggie Sloan-Wilcox, who has chosen this interview over the Women’s Society monthly meeting at her church. The Women’s Society’s guest speaker will be Browning Kefauver, Emerald Springs’ mayor, who may be running for re-election next year against the Women’s Society’s own Sally Berrigan. Aggie preferred not to witness the slaughter. Of…

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Are You Well Connected, or a Slave to Technology?

Our TiVo died.  Not without fanfare, and certainly not without warning.  For the past four months, in the  most interesting part of any program, the picture was nearly guaranteed to break up, the progress of the story halted as we rooted for TiVo to heal itself and continue until we discovered who had killed whom. …

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“The End” or “Once Upon A Time?”

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and a return to the hard work of finishing a novel. Most endings come with beginnings attached. As I finish the Happiness Key series, I’m already looking toward my writing future, ripe with possibilities to explore. The summer cottage is closed up now, but I have all winter to think about what I’ll do there next summer, and in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the attractions Virginia offers. The end of a season is a reminder of all I’ve loved so well and all I still have ahead. Endings and beginnings. Without them, how could we assess our lives? How could we move on? Finished or not, I won’t type “The End” on the last page of Sunset Bridge. Instead, I’ll be ready for my next “Once Upon A Time.” I hope you will be, as well.

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