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Eyes Wide Open, and Pen (?) in Hand

** Be sure to read to the end for a chance to win an autographed novel. Yesterday, Monday, was celebration day.  On Sunday I sent Sunset Bridge to my editor.  These days that’s as “easy” as attaching the manuscript to an email and clicking “send.”  Of course everything that went before?  Not so easy.  Months…

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You Say You Want A Digital Revolution?

If you read my recent blog on writers and friendship, you know I spent last week at the Novelist’s Inc. workshop on St. Pete Beach, my old stomping grounds.  It’s always a surprise when I go home to find not the huge changes we sometimes see, but a re-creation of the past.  My neighborhood looks much the…

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With A Little Help From My Friends

Earlier in the fall I asked my Facebook  readers what topics they would like to see here at Southern Exposure.  Brandi Jones asked about my relationship with other authors.  She wondered if we critique or brainstorm together, help each other out of writer’s block or even lend ideas.  She was surprised at the lack of…

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They Don’t Call ‘Em “Dead”lines For Nothing

I spent yesterday searching for hidden objects.  What time I didn’t spend with nose to ground–a skill I learned from the local beagle–I spent watching half the appliances in my house fall apart.  Ah, some people look for signs of changing seasons, colored leaves gently drifting to the ground, that first tracing of frost on…

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The Write Way: Come On, Did I Really Say That?

Time for another The Write Way blog, so listen up.  For those of you in the know, once a month–or thereabouts–I present my take on how to write a novel.  Pop over to the “categories” listing to the right and click on “The Write Way” to see all those that have gone before.  If you’re…

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