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We Have A Winner

Just a quick update.  Congratulations to Paula Petty, who won the autographed copy of Carla Buckley’s The Things That Keep Us Here.  My old friend Random.org made the selection. Many thanks to all of you who commented.  If you’re looking for a good book club read, this book will spark many a rousing discussion. More…

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Ebooks, Treasured Novels, and Becoming My Own Publisher

So there I was last October, in a packed room with treasured colleagues, authors I love, authors I’ve admired, and newish authors with infectious enthusiasm for this crazy career of ours.  And in the front on the panels?  Some of the most powerful people in publishing.  Novelists, Inc., an international group of multi-published authors, is the only…

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The Things That Keep Us Here: An Interview with Author Carla Buckley

I’ve met some of my favorite people at booksignings and writer’s conferences.  Sometimes the meetings are accidental.  We’re paired at tables–the way I met and became friends with the fabulous Sandra Dallas.  Or we’re on a panel together–the way I met delightful Julie Compton.  In November, at the day long Buckeye Book Fair, my signing table was…

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Treasure Beach–Whose Story and Why

By now, maybe you’ve guessed who the  major character of Treasure Beach is going to be.  The first installment of the “novellini” went up on Tuesday, to be followed by many more.  Each Tuesday, right through July, a new part will debut.  Timewise the story fits snugly between Fortunate Harbor and Sunset Bridge,  at the…

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Treasure Beach: Who, What, Where, How and Why

Note on March 8, 2012:  If you’ve just discovered this post, you’ll find it provides the background for a novella I wrote for this blog entitled Treasure Beach,  which debuted here with the following post and continued for every Tuesday all the way through July.  You’ll see I announced midway down the page that I would…

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Out With The Old, In With The. . . Maybe Not

Since I’m between projects right now, the handwriting is clearly on my study wall.  It’s time to clean off my bookshelves.  Weeks ago I took a photo of my desk and posted it here. While some may accuse me of doctoring it, the truth it, the mess was really that bad.  Papers stacked everywhere.  Magazines with articles I was sure…

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