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My Seventy Book Latest and Greatest Giveaway

My best novels happen when ideas collide.  Take two seemingly unrelated but interesting situations, then watch them tango warily around each other until suddenly they’re dancing cheek to cheek, and the plot for a book has begun to form. Today, as I was handling papers and packing books for my move to somewhere this week,…

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Sunday Poetry: A World Made By Displacement

Welcome to Sunday Poetry. If this is your first visit you can read about the purpose and inspiration of my Sunday poetry blogs here. I’m in the midst of moving, but I couldn’t let this occasion go unmarked.  Natasha Trethewey was just named the 19th U.S. poet laureate by the Library of Congress, and I wanted to…

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Aggie Sloan-Wilcox Wants To Know

Some people can not be ignored.  Even if you hope they’ll just go away if you send them a smile and a nod, in your heart you know better.   They’ll still be hanging around at the end of the day, until finally, they can slip right in and ask a question or, in this…

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Just a few fun tidbits today. Tidbit One:  Some of you have written to learn the fate of Treasure Beach, the “novellini” I wrote last year for Southern Exposure, set between Fortunate Harbor and Sunset Bridge (books two and three of the Happiness Key series.)  I’m happy to say that while you can no longer read it at my blog, you…

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