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Fiction Friday: A Tale of Two Biddies

Happy Friday, avid readers. Casey Daniels/Kylie Logan has visited us before, but today I asked her to return with the second book in her new mystery series, A Tale of Two Biddies. I love Kylie’s titles. Does this one sound familiar? Not surprisingly. Each title and each novel, for that matter, owes a little something to…

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I’m Posting, but I Can’t Get Up (on your Facebook Newsfeed)

So, you’ve liked my Facebook Page, but you’ve stopped receiving my Page posts in your Facebook newsfeed.  Have I given up on Facebook?  Discovered the joys of trying to communicate in 140 characters on Twitter? Decamped to Google+?  Not at all? It’s not me posting less, it’s Facebook’s new algorithm program. Don’t stop reading. I won’t…

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Sunday Inspiration: Take A Chance On Me

This video is going viral on Facebook, and I found it both moving and inspiring.  Clearly many of the people who appear here are volunteers with great love for animals and the willingness to work with them even when the outcome isn’t always a happy one.  Not only that, they took the time–and it must…

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