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Sunday Inspiration: Giving Tuesday

So there was Thanksgiving, then Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and now tomorrow Cyber Monday. But did you know that the next day is Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is a national movement to return the spirit of generosity to this season of overdone materialism. In the words of Anne Frank: “No one has ever become poor by giving.”…

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Happy Thanksgiving from My Family to Yours

Statler Rum Rolls from Good Housekeeping Cookbook (published in 1942) Thanksgiving is so tied to food in the U.S. that when I think of the holiday, I can almost taste the traditional foods I enjoyed as a child. On my Facebook Page I mentioned that I would be making these for my own Thanksgiving dinner…

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Sunday Inspiration: Too Much Junk to Be Grateful For

Have you heard the song about “Too Much Stuff”? I feel that way sometimes. I have lots of stuff, not as much as some, but way more than others. And I feel guilty about it. Part of my problem is figuring out what’s stuff and what’s junk. I hate junk. It serves no purpose whatever…

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In Celebration of the Holidays: Season of Miracles

I am delighted to announce that just in time for the holidays my newest e-book, Season of Miracles, is now at your favorite online bookstore. Season of Miracles was originally published in 1986–if you’re interested you’ll find more background in previous posts here and here. For a peek at the original cover as well as how to enter a…

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Sunday Inspiration: Living Longer

We live in Sarasota, Florida where we are often surrounded by our elders, one of those politically correct terms for old people. At social gatherings–of which there are many–some of the major topics are knee replacements, physical rehab, and drugs that work. I’m delighted I still feel young, although whether I am or not is completely subjective. I’m…

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Complications for the Novelist: How Times Have Changed

Crazy week, this one. I bet you have those, too. After spending four days at the Novelist’s Inc. conference, I arrived home in time to wash clothes, repack and fly to Ohio for the Buckeye Book Fair. Three of my Facebook readers came to visit me at the book signing and I loved being with them. (Thanks Joni,…

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Sunday Inspiration: The Happiness Ratio

The Happiness Ratio Are you a happy person? Hard to answer, isn’t it? I’m happy one minute and then a little while later I’m sad or angry or frustrated. After reading this excellent article, Here’s the Magic Number That Leads to Happiness by Eric Barker, I realize that happiness is all about the math. He…

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What Are You Waiting For? Vote!

If you don’t vote today, for the next four years you have no right to complain about any aspect of government. Please make time to go to the polls, even if you think your vote is a lone voice crying in the wilderness. Vote your principles. You are the only person who can.

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