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Christmas Dream from my family to yours

Christmas Dream Crazy things, said and done every single day but one Every night should, I believe be the same as Christmas eve Nights should all be silent, days should all slow down An end to the hurry, the noise and the worry And I hope you believe that too It’s Christmas, remember? Does no…

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Christmas, A Time to Welcome Strangers

Today in honor of Christmas  I’m sharing an excerpt from my novel Endless Chain, the second book in my Shenandoah Album series. Endless Chain explores the many ways that we welcome strangers into our lives. In this scene Sam, a minister of a local church and the woman he loves, Elisa and  her friend Adoncia, are helping…

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Sunday Inspiration: A Golden Box

Last Sunday we saw that goddesses come in all genders, and this Sunday we see they come in all sizes. This sentimental and touching Christmas story tells us what we already know deep down in our hearts. Like a golden box filled with kisses, we have our own box brimming with blessings we cannot see. Those…

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Sunday Inspiration: Overcoming Abuse

This young man may not look like a goddess, but you can bet he is. Can you believe this 16 year-old boy has raised over $60,000 to overcome domestic abuse? Truly amazing, isn’t it? To satisfy a high school course requirement Nick Jaeger decided to help out at a shelter for abuse victims. Then after learning first…

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