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Who Knew? The Winner is Endless Chain

On Tuesday I asked you to comment and tell me the title of a book that I wrote with a woman giving birth in a blizzard. Well, no one was more surprised than I was when quilter Shawn almost immediately named Endless Chain as the book. Was I surprised she’d gotten it so quickly? Nope,…

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Let It Snow? That’s a No! Blizzard 2015.

If you’re reading this today you have power. Yay you! I’m thrilled for you. Still I know that your thoughts are with all the people on the east coast who probably don’t have power, heat or warm water today. We’re wishing them the best, right? For those of you immersed in blizzard 2015 who are lucky enough to be able to…

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Sunday Inspiration: Elizabeth & Hazel

When I read this inspirational article, “The Many Lives of Hazel Bryan,” over MLK weekend, I was deeply moved. Some of us still remember that tense time in the fall of 1957 when 9 courageous black kids integrated Central High School in Little Rock. It may be hard to believe today that the governor of…

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The Perfect Study

I’m moving again. Yes, I know I moved recently. Luckily this time I’m only moving steps away. After trying to finish The Color of Light in the prettiest room in the house, (the room where everyone convinced me I could do my best writing), I learned a valuable lesson. Pay attention to your instincts, or the perfect study,…

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Sunday Inspiration: Black Like Me

Have you read the book, Black Like Me? A best seller in the 60s, it was a big influence in many lives, including my own, for becoming aware of the racism in our society. Black Like Me was written in 1961 by John Howard Griffin, who artificially changed his skin color from white to black…

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Sunday Inspiration: Patrick Henry Hughes

In my Sunday Inspirations I like to highlight people who are especially inspiring, people who, like the women in my Goddesses series, have the courage to overcome daunting obstacles in their lives and the compassion to reach out and help others who struggle for respect and survival. This is the story of a young man,…

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The Writing Process 2015: Sniffing A Story

I made a New Year’s Resolution for 2015. It’s time to get moving again. The last months have been spent at my computer finishing The Color of Light, book four of my Goddesses Anonymous series. I’m delighted to say I turned it in right on time, but not without spending more hours than expected hunched over my…

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Sunday Inspiration: Anniversary

In honor of my anniversary today — and to anyone else with one in the month of January — I thought you might enjoy this poem my husband Michael sent me — and this is not our 50th anniversary! We’ll be a little farther south celebrating it this week. I’m going to hold him to…

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