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Sunday Inspiration: Operation Inasmuch

After reading my latest novel, The Color of Light, one of my readers sent me the link to an organization called Operation Inasmuch. Their name comes from these words from Jesus: “In as much as you did it for the least of these, you did it for me.” The reader believed this group was in…

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The Writing Process 2015: Writer’s Block

A day late here. Blogger writer’s block? Quite possibly. Why not my blog along with everything else? I’ll confess I’m not a big fan of the phrase “writer’s block.” For a long time I’ve believed that it might be shorthand for: “I’m interested in other things right now.” Or possibly: “The story’s not coming easily anymore so…

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Sunday Inspiration: What makes you come alive?

So, what makes you come alive? Perhaps it’s cooking or raising children. Maybe it’s traveling or your job or maybe even changing the world. I became a novelist because writing makes me come alive. I love creating characters who discover what makes them come alive, then watching them leap off the pages. What brings you to life?…

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Profanity: A Relief Denied Even to Prayer.

“Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” Mark Twain Sooner or later, in this age of email, Amazon reviews and Twitter, today’s novelist will turn on her computer and discover that an unhappy reader is complaining about her language.  The emails follow a pattern. I read your book and found XX word(s)…

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Sunday Inspiration: Perseverance

My new book, The Color of Light, illuminates the lives of several people living in Asheville, North Carolina, who are undergoing struggles of different kinds, all of which have to do with perseverance in one way or another. One of the most heart-wrenching struggles is a family who has become homeless through no fault of…

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The Writing Process 2015: Multitasking for Novelists

If you’re new to The Writing Process 2015, these posts are a chance to share my journey through my latest novel, starting right at ground zero. What do you get when you cross promotion and creativity? Nothing simple, that’s for sure. Truthfully sometimes you get a cranky novelist who loses the thread when she’s writing her new…

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Sunday Inspiration: Sometimes Our Light Goes Out

  This month I’m using the image of light in my Sunday Inspirations to introduce my new novel The Color of Light. These words by Albert Schweitzer have long been a favorite of mine. Sometimes our light does goes out, and no one could give a greater gift than to blow it back into flame. In…

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