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Writers Conferences: All These Year Later

Today I’m vaulting back in time to 1984 and my very first writers conference in Manhattan. At the time I’d sold my first book, but it hadn’t yet been published.  I was such a newbie. What was I doing at this conference with people like Mary Higgins Clark and Lawrence Block? Me, who wasn’t sure…

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Sunday Inspiration: A Happy Brain

“The chief function of the body,” said Thomas Edison, “is to carry the brain around.” I’m not so sure I agree with that, but I do believe it’s vital to keep our brain healthy and happy. Neurosciences are are making many exciting discoveries about the brain, and I ran across some in a recent blog by…

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Checklists and Why We Should Use Them

Every Saturday I get an email from blogger Amy Lynn Andrews titled the Useletter. The Useletter is always filled with great tips for people who use computers, including software and new ideas along with a little chit-chat. I can’t say I actually look forward to many of the weekly/monthly newsletters that I’ve signed up for, but Amy gets…

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Sunday Inspiration: Parenting

I found this delightful photo online with several others showing a variety of animals with their offspring (you have to see the opossums). Parenting comes so naturally to the animal world, but for humans there’s quite a learning curve. What does it take to be a good parent? A writer-friend told me over the summer…

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Global Literacy

A reminder to all of us from the proofreading website Grammarly. If you’re reading this blog, then you have been given one of the greatest of gifts, the ability to read. International Literacy Day was September 8th, a fact I just discovered, but the message is important any day of the year. I’m looking forward…

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Sunday Inspiration: Finding Peace

This week marked the 14th anniversary of 9-11, and I know for many if not most of us, this was a solemn, difficult day of remembering the victims and all those who loved and honored them. Most of you know my husband is a Unitarian-Universalist minister. Several years ago when he was the senior minister…

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Finishing a Novel: The Old Is Made New Again

When you read this I’ll be on my way home to Florida. Since I’m clearly in a car and not at my computer I thought I schedule a blog from a previous September to share with you instead. I found this one, published first in September 2011 when I was finishing One Mountain Away,  and it seemed so appropriate. Once again I’m…

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Sunday Inspiration: I’ll Find It At Home

I’m on the road home to Florida today, and this inspirational quote from Rumi seemed perfect. That’s Sarasota’s Myakka River in the background. Have you ever found satisfaction after a trip away taught you the true pleasures of home? I’m lucky I have two places I love, but I am always thrilled to find meaning waiting…

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Book Titles, and Why They So Often Sound Alike

Back in March I told you about my struggles finding a title for my book in progress. Here were some of the contenders: Really, Truly Sisters Life After Love More Than Sisters Sisters Once Removed Joined At the Heart Well, really? Now that I look at them, I can see why my editors weren’t doing back…

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