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Sunday Inspiration: 16 Square Feet

So often we — and I certainly include myself here — bemoan how little can be done by one individual to affect the world. But have you ever asked yourself what you can do to affect the 16 feet around you? Recently I ran across an article in our local paper titled “Life philosophy in…

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Thanksgiving: All Is Safely Gathered In

Some of you may have seen my post about WorkFlowy. Some of you may have seen this past week’s beautiful Sunday Inspiration video on Gratitude, found and added by my husband. I am absolutely certain that at no point did you see a connection between them. I didn’t either, not until it occurred to me that it’s…

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Sunday Inspiration: Gratitude

I know that Thanksgiving is still a few days away, but this beautiful, inspiring, incredible video and meditation is a way to prepare yourself for the holiday. I’m looking forward to enjoying family, food, and some foolishness on Thanksgiving Day, but in the chaos sometimes the thankfulness part gets lost. If you watch this video,…

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The Writing Process 2015: What Happens After “The End?”

My deadline was November 1. This was a carved-in-stone, don’t-you-dare-be-late, the-heavens-will-collapse deadline. I turned in When We Were Sisters exactly on time. It’s now November 17th and the book seems to be happily napping, all curled up and dreaming about its June debut, somewhere between “written” and “edited.”Am I surprised? Unhappy? Perplexed? Nope. I’m a writer with…

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Sunday Inspiration: Making Love Last

As you may have figured out from reading my books, I’m very interested in relationships, especially relationships that need to be healed. My interest probably comes from having been a family counselor in my past life and being married for many years. Or perhaps I was a family counselor and am long-married because I am interested in…

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Welcome to the World Declan!

I expected to be back in Florida early this week after visiting my Ohio family, signing at the Buckeye Bookfair and savoring the birth of our newest grandson. The sweater set above was my summer project while I waited for the baby to arrive and I couldn’t wait to give it to his mom and…

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Sunday Inspiration: It’s a Wonderful World

I guarantee that this video will make your day. Thanks to my husband for today’s post while I’m away enjoying this wonderful world.   I receive an inspirational quote every day from Values.com, and I’ve passed some of my favorites on to you. They also make commercials, as well as billboards to pass their hopeful message…

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Emilie’s Krewe of Review

If you didn’t open my October newsletter, or you haven’t yet subscribed,  let me tell you about Emilie’s Krewe of Review. At the Novelist’s Inc. conference last month I learned so many exciting ideas. One came from a workshop about review teams. “Street” teams have been around for years. A street team is a group of…

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Sunday Inspiration: Day of the Dead

My husband was in Guatemala several years ago when the Day of the Dead was being celebrated, and he says it was one of the most impressive sights he had ever seen. This video is very similar to what he saw, people picnicking and flying kites in cemeteries and displaying colorful giant kites. I wrote about this tradition…

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