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Helping Authors: You’ll Be Surprised What You Can Do

Some days I can’t imagine what to say in this space. Luckily I have resources for new ideas. Almost two years ago I found this post about helping authors and thought the idea would be fun to use here someday. Jen Malone listed several things readers can do to help their favorite authors. I thought I’d share…

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Sunday Inspiration: Love Opens the Doors

Last Sunday I wrote about romance and love, and maybe it’s time for a little humor. Have you heard this: “I love being married. It’s so great finding that one special person you can annoy for the rest of your life.” Or this one: “My wife and I lived happily for twenty years. Then we met…

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When We Were Sisters: Cover Shoot and Compromises

Sometimes it really does take a village. . . Yesterday I told you a bit of the “science” behind covers, as well as the part authors play or don’t play in the conception and finalization. Today, a bit about the cover of When We Were Sisters and what an author, art department, editorial, marketing and various other…

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When We Were Sisters: Anatomy of a Book Cover

Pssst. . . Publishers and authors don’t always agree on book covers. You’re not surprised, are you? As a reader you may even have strong feelings about a book cover in your collection. Maybe you have a preference for an icon cover (an object that relates to the book, like a pearl necklace or a Japanese lantern.) A…

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Sunday Inspiration: Romance and Love

I’ve been thinking about romance lately. Not surprising for a writer of women’s fiction. Actually, I wrote 50 romance novels before moving into a broader genre with more options for character development and plot. But you may notice that romantic relationships are always at the heart of my novels because nothing is more important to…

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Writing Process 2015: What I Learned

I remember saying not too long ago that I was finished with my Writing Process 2015 posts, because, hey, it’s 2016. What I didn’t take into account? The book I wrote in 2015, the one I detailed in all those posts, will be at bookstores on June 1, 2016. So while the year has changed, When We Were…

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Sunday Inspiration: Sexy Men?

Of course, they could have asked us, and we could have told them. Now all they have to do is read the latest study revealing that what women find most sexy about a man is … kindness. Yes, good looks do help, but when put side by side, kindness, compassion, and altruism are the clear winners…

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KiBITz and Pieces

Okay, did you notice I forgot to blog last Wednesday? Wait, don’t tell me. Some things are better left unsaid. The Explanation Bit: Quite honestly I didn’t realize that I hadn’t blogged until Thursday afternoon when I was exploring architectural salvage warehouses with friends and putting lots of steps on my FitBIT. I spent Tuesday…

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Sunday Inspiration: A Daring Adventure

Just to be alive is an adventure, but shouldn’t life be more than that, shouldn’t it be a daring adventure? Many of us thought about Helen Keller and her inspiring story this week when we learned that actress Patty Duke had died. Remember The Miracle Worker? Remember watching the movie or perhaps the play and…

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