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The Swallow’s Nest: Ellen Randolph Speaks

Two weeks I introduced you to Lilia Swallow, one of three important women in The Swallow’s Nest. Last week you met Marina Tate, the second. This week, meet Ellen Randolph, the final piece of the puzzle. Ellen is no less complicated than Lilia and Marina. In fact she’s even more, because she’s lived more years…

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Sunday Inspiration: Remember

Do you remember? Memorial Day, for me, is taking the time to remember. To remember all those in uniform who have sacrificed so generously and courageously for our country. To remember the families — the partners, children, and others — who spent so much time separated from their loved one, who waited and waited and…

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The Swallow’s Nest: Marina Tate Speaks

Last week I introduced you to Lilia Swallow, one of three important women in The Swallow’s Nest. This week meet Marina Tate, whose path crosses Lilia’s in a wholly unexpected way. Here’s a peek into a complicated woman with complicated decisions to make and make up for.   My name is Marina Tate. Tate is…

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Sunday Inspiration: Wedding Kindness

Did you see this inspiring story? A couple who fell in love decided to have their wedding on Sanibel Island — one of my favorite places in the world. They felt so blessed to have found each other that they decided to show their appreciation and gratitude by giving back. So they asked the guests, as…

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The Swallow’s Nest: Lilia Swallow Speaks

My name is Lilia Swallow, a name I love so well that when I married, I didn’t take my husband’s. I suspect this was just one of the things Graham’s parents, Ellen and Douglas Randolph, disliked about me. I’m not sure where it fell on their very long list of my faults. Although I was…

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Sunday Inspiration: Good Enough

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there. Now let’s get real. Mother’s Day consists of a tsunami of sentimental expressions of how wonderful and fantastic every mother in the universe is, how much we sacrifice for our family, how loving and giving each of us is, and what goddesses we truly are. All…

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The Same or Different? What’s Your Pleasure?

Since I got a Fitbit for my birthday two years ago, I’ve started walking almost every morning. At first I was elated when I logged 2,000 steps, although I was often tired afterwards. But as my stamina increased, I set my goal for 5,000 steps daily. Slowly I’m working my way up to 10,000, not…

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Sunday Inspiration: The Next Chapter

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.” -author unknown Has this happened to you? Have you been stuck reading and re-reading a certain chapter in your life? I suspect it’s happened to all of us a multitude of times. As an author, the last thing I want…

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Twelve Elements I Look for in a Book

Last week I told you about my experiences with two books I tried to read and couldn’t. Over the next week you weren’t shy chiming in. I loved your comments. Each of you has a different “rule” you read by. Some read to the bitter end. One reader suggested that we subtract our age from…

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