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Sunday Inspiration: “Don’t be a jerk!”

“Jerks” seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately. I’ve lost count of all the men who have been busted for sexually harassing women, and we all know there are many more who have not been called to account. Then we have those who condemn others for their race, religion, politics or sexual preferences.…

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Reading Challenge 2017: How Did You Do?

Okay, it takes me awhile sometimes, but eventually I catch on. This time to Reading Challenges. In 2017 I learned about the Goodreads Challenge, in which readers set their own goals and see if they can meet them. I also learned about The Better World Books Reading Challenge, which really captured my imagination. Here’s what…

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Sunday Inspiration: Holly Butcher

Ready for a good cry? Ready for some amazing inspiration? Ready for the gift of wisdom from a young woman who had the courage to write a goodbye letter to the world? I hope so. This letter, along with more photos, was published by the Samantha Wills Foundation, which you can find at this web site.…

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Read Along With Emilie 2018: A Reading Challenge.

This past year I participated in a reading challenge at Better World Books  Now it’s your turn for a challenge. In 2017 Better World Books, an online bookstore that works to support literacy, created twenty-five reading categories. Those of us who accepted the challenge had a year to find books that fit and read them all…

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Sunday Inspiration: Your Purpose?

What is your purpose in life? That’s a question most of us ask at different times of life, usually when we’re suffering a setback of some kind. But it’s such a gigantic question, too often we let it slip by without paying much attention. I read an article recently that helped me get a handle…

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The Best Laid Plans: New Orleans Nights

Good morning from the year 2018. Does that seem possible to you? 2018 already, and these days I’m feeling just the way I did back, well, back quite awhile ago. That’s not arbitrary, though, I’m feeling that way because I’m busily delving back into books I wrote. . . awhile ago. A little background and…

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Sunday Inspiration: Kindness as Lifestyle

So, the holidays were so busy you didn’t quite get around to making any New Year’s resolutions. Or, perhaps you’ve already forgotten what resolutions you made. Or, maybe they’re just too silly to take seriously — “I resolve to start eating more healthy but first I have to eat all the junk food in my…

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Celebrations: Does How You Celebrate Say Something About You?

For most of us holiday celebrations are over. Have you finally taken a deep breath and released it slowly? Not yet? It’s past time. Try this yoga breathing exercise popularized by Dr. Andrew Weil. Through your nose, breathe in to the count of four. Hold your breath and count to seven. Now breathe out slowly through…

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