A Lie for a Lie – Reading Guide

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  1. Aggie Sloan-Wilcox has been talked into serving on the Emerald Springs Idyll committee. Was the purpose of this fundraiser important enough that you could understand her desire to help, even if she would rather be almost anywhere else? Have you ever been in a similar position?
  2. Grady Barber projects a warm, boyish charm which covers a ruthless nature. Have you met anyone like Grady, someone so good at covering who he or she really is, that you are shocked when the truth becomes evident? Do you think Grady was just selfish and self-centered, or something more sinister?
  3. When Grady’s sad home life as a child was discovered, did you feel it explained, even excused his behavior as an adult?
  4. Which of Grady’s sins seemed most heinous to you?
  5. Did you suspect that Grady might be so helpful to Madison because he had other ideas in mind for her?
  6. Aggie has decided to stop investigating murders after the events inBeware False Profits and her own near demise. Do you think Aggie had enough reason to plunge into this one, too?
  7. Ed and Aggie pride themselves on being good parents, but in this story, Deena is nearly out of control. Did you sympathize with the way they handled her misbehavior? Would you have done anything differently?
  8. Deena is not happy when Ed uses a story about her participation in the Idyll in a sermon. Do you think being a PK (preacher’s kid) does indeed have an entire set of problems associated with it? Could you sympathize with her embarrassment, if not with the way she behaved?
  9. Teddy, as young as she is, feels she must be the peacemaker in her family and can’t understand why Deena is behaving so badly. All children in families take on different roles. Were you a peacemaker, too? Are Aggie and Ed trying hard enough to make sure Teddy doesn’t feel she must make everything right?
  10. So many people had reasons to kill Grady Barber. Who was your favorite contender? Did you suspect the real murderer? When?