Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

Befuddled, Bothered and Bewildered

Who likes change? Raise your hands. I see some of you are waving wildly to get my attention. I see some of you cringing in the corner. I’m afraid I cringe with you. Change is a good thing. Too much of it can send me into a tailspin. So, in the last month I’ve done…

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Sunday Inspiration: Forgiveness

Do you agree? Novelists tackle forgiveness often in our fiction. Are our characters stronger because they’re able to forgive the imperfections of others? And how about the people we know in our real lives? What can’t you forgive? Who can’t you forgive? And how do we go about it when we’re ready? Each of us…

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Be A Be Keeper

My son has taken up beekeeping. And while I’m not inclined to join him in his new hobby, I am enthused about keeping “bes.” That’s not a misspelling. Here’s what I mean. “Say what you want and BE who you are, because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.” I’d love…

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The Great Migration is About to Begin

As I was planning what to write about today I realized my blog may temporarily be down on Wednesday. As I reported earlier my website is undergoing major revisions, and with luck, this is the week the old site disappears and the new one arrives. So this will be quick, just in case the blog…

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A Perfect Day for Research in Tarpon Springs

Two weeks ago I told you about some of the research I did for my upcoming novel, A Family of Strangers. Last week Proman and I had the pleasure of doing some on-site research for my next book. I thought it would be fun to share some photos. The last time I was in Tarpon…

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Sunday Inspiration: Why?

“I believe every child is born with the Why Chromosome, which pushes us to ask questions about the nature of the universe. And as we grow older those questions become deeper and deeper. As a child the word why was certainly a provocative part of my vocabulary. But throughout my younger life — in church,…

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