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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

I Really Want to Know

The Brainstormers Speak

Some of you know from previous posts that my brainstorming group usually meets here in Western NY for most of a week in June going over our projects for the upcoming year. We aren’t a critique group, but we help each other answer questions about our works-in-progress, sometimes as basic as “Here’s my idea, what…

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Publishing Questions You Weren’t Afraid to Ask.

When I started my recent mini-series which extended over five weeks, I opened the door to publishing questions.  I received some great ones from readers Marjorie and Pat. Marjorie wanted to know a few things about how books go to print, timetables, drafts, etc. And Pat wanted to know how decisions are made about format for…

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Question and Answer: Facebook Readers to the Rescue

I have to smile. I just looked up the blogs listed here under I Really Want to Know. And yes, after difficult deadlines, apparently question and answer seems positively enlightened. I came up with the same solution in 2013, proving once again that we are, if nothing else, creatures of habit.My Facebook Readers came to the rescue this time,…

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Website Dos and Don’ts. I Really Want to Know

Today I’m asking for your feedback and help. After promising I would soon update my website, I’m finally getting around to the nuts and bolts. The decisions are going to make me “nuts” and while I’m not going to “bolt.” I might consider it a time or two in the months to come. My website…

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How Can We Help?

Once again as we sit in our homes, warm and well fed, our televisions show a different picture of life across the oceans. Right now estimates for loss of life in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan top 10,000. And survivors will have years of rebuilding ahead, as well as picking up the pieces of their…

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Questionable Topics

Okay, I know what you’re thinking after reading my title today. Emilie’s going to address the touchy and therefore juicy subject of “things writers should never write about.” Well, actually I might, now that I’ve thought of it. Another day, though. Today I’m answering a few questions I pried out of my Facebook buddies. The…

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What Do Readers Think? I Really Want to Know.

I’ve been hoping to have more renovation photos for you to enjoy (?) this week. The workmen are finishing up, so it’s a slow morning here in Chautauqua, New York. We only have a plumber, electrician, wallboard guy and flooring guy cutting tile. I can almost hear the birds sing. More photos will be up…

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