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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

Reader Mail

Questions, Answers and Giveaways

I’ve really enjoyed your responses to my new website. Lots of you have entered the Celebration Giveaway and commented as you did on what you appreciated most. In particular many of you enjoy the ease of navigation, the colors and photos we used on the home page, the book section, and how easy it makes…

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Reader Mail with a Little This and That

Seems to me it’s time to answer a few of the questions I’ve received in my email in recent weeks. Everyone gets personal responses, of course–and yes, that’s really me answering them–but some of the answers might interest the rest of you, too. 1–I just read One Mountain Away, and I loved the book, but…

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A Quilter’s Heritage

Recently I had the joy of receiving this email from one of my readers, Joyce in Maryland.  The story of Aunt Verdie is so lovely that I asked Joyce if I could share it with you.  My fondest wish for everyone reading this is that you have or have had an Aunt Verdie in your life.…

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Mail Bonding: Letters from My Readers

Dear Ms. Richards, Recently I found your Shenandoah Album books and read them all.  Sure I had found an author I could admire and trust, I went back and read some of your other novels. I found several words that I don’t even want to “think.”  I am now ashamed to be seen with your novels. I…

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