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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time


Which Three Wrongs Would You Right?

By now many of you have had a chance to read One Mountain Away. If you haven’t, an important element of the novel involves Charlotte Hale, the principal character, who is looking back at her life. Charlotte isolates three things she did in the past that she wishes she could change, then she sets about…

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Haiku vs. Epic–Which Kind of Reader Are You?

I’ll confess that unlike some of my colleagues, I believe in reading my reviews.  First, I’m incapable of not reading them.  That kind of self control is absolutely beyond me.  Second and more important, I know I will learn something.  I always do, even if I only learn that a particular review site is not…

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Life is a Porch, or Should Be

Full disclosure.  This is not MY porch.  In fact this porch belongs to the president of Chautauqua Institution, here in Chautauqua, New York.  The little cottage I’m renting this month has a porch, too, although not nearly as scenic.  In fact almost every house on the grounds has one, close to the street and easily accessible to…

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