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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time


A Writer’s Journey: Jenny Brown

The only writer’s group I belong to these days is Novelists Inc. Each member is a multi-published commercial fiction author. NINC has a fabulous conference every fall, and no matter how well-published we are as individuals, we always have much to learn. NINC also has a listserv, and recently the following post appeared there. I…

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A Conversation With the Fabulous Jayne Ann Krentz: Part Two

Last week I began a conversation here with author Jayne Ann Krentz, aka Amanda Quick, aka Jayne Castle. Jayne and I knew we’d be gabby. Writers always are when they’re talking to other writers about their books, careers, and writing styles. So we knew right away we’d need to extend our conversation to this week. …

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James Patterson: Superstar and Nice Guy

Are you a James Patterson fan? If you are, you have lots of company. Patterson has sold more than 350 million copies of his books since his first novel in 1976 — a few more than me — and he holds the record for the most #1 NYT best sellers, with nearly 70 — which…

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Helping Authors: You’ll Be Surprised What You Can Do

Some days I can’t imagine what to say in this space. Luckily I have resources for new ideas. Almost two years ago I found this post about helping authors and thought the idea would be fun to use here someday. Jen Malone listed several things readers can do to help their favorite authors. I thought I’d share…

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Fiction Friday: Everybody Loves Murder con Chili

Welcome to Fiction Friday.  Each Friday I post an excerpt from one of my books or those of my friends and colleagues.  This is a fun way to share what we’re doing. Today’s excerpt is from Chili Con Carnage (all jalapeño is about to break loose) by my good friend and brainstorming partner Kylie Logan.  Chili Con…

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Fiction Friday: Death and Enchiladas

Welcome to Fiction Friday, your weekly opportunity to read excerpts of my novels or novels of other writers that I think you might like. Today’s excerpt is from New York Times bestselling author Diane Mott Davidson with the permission of her publisher William Morrow and Diane herself. This seems particularly appropriate because Diane was one…

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Brainstorming 2013

This week I’ve welcomed my brainstorming buddies to our Chautauqua hideaway to spend four days tossing around ideas about upcoming novels, everything from entire plots to key ideas we need help with. If you missed my previous posts about previous brainstorming sessions and the way we conduct them, you can find them here and here…

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