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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

Networking sites

Social Media, Evil or Blessing? How About Both?

I’ve spent the past week on social media. The Good: Why have I been on social media when there are presents to wrap and cookies to bake? The truth is an iPad is a great companion when you’re not feeling well enough to do much more than run your finger over a shiny screen with…

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Instagram: Is a Picture Worth a Million Words?

How much time do you spend on social media? Come on, be honest. Since a large percentage of people I pass every day on my walks are scrolling through their telephones as they meander drunkenly down the sidewalk, I’m on to you. Not all of you are playing Pokemon Go–and if you are, please don’t…

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I’m Posting, but I Can’t Get Up (on your Facebook Newsfeed)

So, you’ve liked my Facebook Page, but you’ve stopped receiving my Page posts in your Facebook newsfeed.  Have I given up on Facebook?  Discovered the joys of trying to communicate in 140 characters on Twitter? Decamped to Google+?  Not at all? It’s not me posting less, it’s Facebook’s new algorithm program. Don’t stop reading. I won’t…

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Comments: Do You Really Want to be Heard?

Today I received an interesting newsletter from The Content Strategist, published by Contently. The topic was blog comments. You remember comments? That little link on the top right of each of my posts where you get to express your opinion about what I’ve said? The Content Strategist explained that some websites have removed their comment link.…

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Keeping Up with Pinterest

Nothing beats the internet when you’re recuperating.  I discovered this during the past week when I was largely immobile after surgery on my knee.  The iPad I’d  wondered if I’d ever really need proved to be a godsend.  I did mail, surfed and played Word with my family and my former assistant friend now living…

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Pinterest: Pinning Your Hopes on the Internet

The Fear Factor Another new toy on the Internet?  Yikes. The first time I visited Pinterest.com, I knew better than to stay.  Pinterest is the definition of a detour on the highway of life.  All those gorgeous images?  I knew I could lose my way for hours.  It was time to pack up and go…

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Look At Me, Look At Me–The Dangers of Too Much Promotion

Right now I’m listening to my favorite radio station.  Our local public radio station has wonderful classical music, and very little talk.  What talk they do have is insightful and interesting.  Having said all that, do I help support their programming by becoming a member? Unfortunately, no.  Instead I support a neighboring public radio station to…

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Hodgepodge and Spam: But not a recipe

I absolutely promise to be insightful at a later moment.  I’ll be witty and profound, as well–as soon as I remember how.  But in the meantime, a few announcements.  Please, bear with me.  First, on the beauties of having a Facebook page. The moment I thought I’d figured out how to use this wonderful tool, Facebook decided…

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Facing up to Facebook

Just a quickie, before we resume the Guatemalan travelogue.  After serious urging by my publisher and the worry that I might be the only person left in the universe who is NOT on Facebook or other networking sites, the great and powerful wizard (Marna, my brave and true assistant) put up a page for me this…

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