Facing up to Facebook


Just a quickie, before we resume the Guatemalan travelogue.  After serious urging by my publisher and the worry that I might be the only person left in the universe who is NOT on Facebook or other networking sites, the great and powerful wizard (Marna, my brave and true assistant) put up a page for me this week.  Now you can find me on Facebook right here.  Come join the fun and become my “fan.”  (Their wording, not mine, although it has a certain ring to it.) 

We have a place there for discussions and polls, and who knows what else?  Let’s have fun together.

And while you’re surfing the web?  You can also find me at Goodreads.  And Shelfari.  And Red Room.  My blog is also available on my individual book pages at Amazon.  Good grief.

Will there be more?  Will I learn to Twitter?  Don’t count on it.  I’m still not sure what to do with the pages I have.  But I’m learning.  Come learn with me.

See you there!

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