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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

Happiness Key

Novels, Novellas and Novellinis

I’ve always loved writing novellas.  I’ve written more than a few in my years as an author, most often in a collection as a holiday promotion from my publisher.  For someone who writes long books, novellas are an odd attraction.  Still, from the beginning, I found the format was a welcome break.  While our practice as…

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Visit My Guest Blog and Contest at Fresh Fiction

Today I’m blogging at Fresh Fiction about friendship and friendship novels.   Why did I decide to write the Happiness Key series?  Can the theme of friendship carry a trilogy?  Come visit the Fresh Fiction website and find out.  Oh, and while you’re there?  I’m also running a contest on their website.  One lucky reader will win…

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2010 and the Happiness List

Sometimes all you have to do is look around.  Last night I did, and see what I found? 2010 in shells laid down by an invisible hand.  Not only that, but the light was exactly right for a photo, and my husband had his camera.  With this kind of divine prodding, how could I NOT think about…

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Wishing you a Happiness Holiday

I can picture this display in Wanda’s yard on Happiness Key, can’t you?  So from Wanda, Tracy, Janya, Alice, Olivia and Emilie, a warm (hearted) and generous (in spirit) holiday to everyone.    Until the new year, stay safe and happy, and stay away from even the friendliest alligators.  I’ll see you then. Emilie  

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What Makes Emilie Happy, and the Giveaway Winners who are Happy, too.

For the past six months I’ve had the distinct pleasure of blogging about happiness, and more important, reading your comments on my “happiness” blogs.  Next week I’ll share with you the unscientific survey that my assistant Marna and I did of your wonderful and evocative contributions.  We saw patterns, but that was no surprise. Looking…

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In The Beginning–So Where on Earth Did that Novel Come From?

Ask any novelist what readers most often want to know about his/her work.  I can almost guarantee he or she will tell you, “Where do you get your ideas?”   Some authors–tired of this perfectly legitimate question–will answer “The idea store.”  “And don’t we all wish it were that easy?” they ask. I’m here to pass on…

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Happiness Key: Alice’s Story, Part Three

Today marks the end of both Alice’s story and all the character blogs for the women of Happiness Key.  Thanks so much to all of you who let me know you’ve looked forward to them.  Remember, if you’re tantalized by these sneak peeks, my publisher is offering a coupon good until the end of July.  Not…

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