Happiness Blogs and the Winners Who Are Happy, Happy

Thumbnail image for Tracy on Beach.jpgI love to make people happy.  I also like to find out exactly how to do it.  So when I decided to give away a beach bag filled with goodies from my major characters in Happiness Key, I asked you to comment on any blog with “Happiness” in the title and let me know what makes you happy. 

I received nearly two hundred terrific responses.  Some comments brought tears to my eyes, because it seems bursts of happiness and gratitude can sometimes come in the midst of tragedy.  Of course some comments made me laugh, since a good sense of humor seems to be a prerequisite for visitors to this site.  I noted themes emerging and so your answers were tabulated to share in another blog. Stay tuned.

Now it gives me great pleasure to tell you that in a random drawing of all commenters who entered, Patricia, of Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania won the beach bag and all its contents. 

Here’s what Patricia said in her comment:  “Being with my husband and our good friends makes me very happy. Other happiness bringers include reading, photography, crafts/sewing, walking, swimming — in short, life is good.”

And of all the themes, that last was the one I took away from your wonderful responses.  “Life is good,” really summed it up, even, for some of you in the midst of difficult situations.

Mary, of Fort Mill, South Carolina won a follow-up prize of a signed copy of Happiness Key and a pewter Happiness Key chain.  Mary said: “What makes me happy is having a good book to read and when I finish to have a quilt to work on. Also, traveling with my husband to “parts unknown” in our camper, spending time with granddaughter and daughter.” 

Mary’s comment very much mirrored others, with books, crafts, family, and travel high on the happiness list.  I couldn’t agree more–and I was glad to see a quilter among the winners.

We have another follow-up winner, who has not yet responded.  So be sure to check your email, just in case. 

Next up, winners of the Facebook contest, to find which Happiness Key character you were most like.  I’ll post that next time, but we’ve sent emails to the winners.  “Alice” and “Wanda” have yet to respond.  Again, check email, just in case.

This was so much fun.  Thanks to all of you for responding with such enthusiasm.  I feel like a winner myself.  After all, I’m the one who read every single comment. 


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