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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

Making a Difference

Life As A Lemonade Stand

  While I’m traveling in November, I’m happily sharing some of my favorite blogs from 2009. In the years after I wrote this, our family bought a little cottage in Chautauqua and now spend our summers there. We’re still close to the family in this blog and love spending time with them. Of course Fortunate…

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Fake News? How Do We Decide?

As some of you may remember, I decided to participate in the Better World Books Reading Challenge this year. I’m happy to say I’ve made significant progress and only have a handful of categories to complete. So far my two most difficult reads have been Life by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, my book…

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Christmas, A Time to Welcome Strangers

Today in honor of Christmas  I’m sharing an excerpt from my novel Endless Chain, the second book in my Shenandoah Album series. Endless Chain explores the many ways that we welcome strangers into our lives. In this scene Sam, a minister of a local church and the woman he loves, Elisa and  her friend Adoncia, are helping…

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Reaching Out To Help, Even When It’s Not Comfortable

Recently CBS News had a particularly thought-provoking story, and I’ve included the video here for you to see. There’s a short commercial at the beginning, but it is short. Three years ago members of a gym in Nashville, Tennessee, began to talk among themselves about the slowly disappearing body of another member, a college student named…

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The Essence of Goddesses Anonymous

This week when I saw this moving Thai commercial  on Facebook,  I thought wow, this is exactly what I’m trying to say in my Goddesses books–except for the ending, because I promise I don’t sell insurance. Then I realized that I’ve tried to say these things from the beginning of my career, although perhaps not…

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Which Three Wrongs Would You Right?

By now many of you have had a chance to read One Mountain Away. If you haven’t, an important element of the novel involves Charlotte Hale, the principal character, who is looking back at her life. Charlotte isolates three things she did in the past that she wishes she could change, then she sets about…

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Holy Helping Hand, Batman!

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about the ways we help each other.  One Mountain Away, coming in August, explores that question among many others, and it will come up again and again as the series progresses.  Do we give money?  Do we bring casseroles?  Do we hold hands and provide a listening…

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Mothers In Law and In Our Hearts

I’ll confess these days I wince when I hear mother-in-law jokes.  I wince because I am a mother-in-law times three.  I have three wonderful in-law kids, and our family is enriched three-fold by their addition.  I’m hoping to be a completely different kind of punchline at the end of my life.  As goals go, that’s…

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Trigger Unhappy–Avoiding Anger and Embracing Patience

There I was on the telephone with my county treasurer’s office, holding in my hand the threatening letter they’d sent because my annual application for a business license had been two days late, and, according to their records, my 10% fine had not yet been paid. I had paid it, of course, immediately after receiving the…

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Just Do What You Want To Do

There are two kinds of people in the world.  Actually there are almost seven billion kinds of people in the world, but for our purposes today, I’ll simplify.  There are two kinds of people.  The kind who fall neatly into slots other people choose for them, and the kind who make their own slots.  I…

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