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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time


New Covers: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Two weeks ago I told you about the new/old series I will be re-releasing soon. My Homecoming series, Runaway, The Way Back Home, and Fugitive, was first published in 1990. Even if I had the rights to the cover art (I don’t) I wouldn’t use it. They need fresh, contemporary and new covers that better…

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The E in Ebooks Does Not Stand for Effortless

So, do you ever wonder how all those eBooks miraculously appear on your Kindle/Nook/iPad etc.? How hard can independent publishing be, right? I mean other than writing the book, that is. You put down your thoughts, you press a button, and there’s an eBook fully formed on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo,…

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Dragonslayer Arrives at Bookstores

Dragonslayer is online at last, and I am delighted. Some years ago I was happily writing romances for Silhouette Books when my editor tapped me for a new promotion. Did I have a profession I would like to explore? I immediately volunteered to write about a minister. Dragonslayer was the result. Be careful what you…

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In Celebration of the Holidays: Season of Miracles

I am delighted to announce that just in time for the holidays my newest e-book, Season of Miracles, is now at your favorite online bookstore. Season of Miracles was originally published in 1986–if you’re interested you’ll find more background in previous posts here and here. For a peek at the original cover as well as how to enter a…

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Complications for the Novelist: How Times Have Changed

Crazy week, this one. I bet you have those, too. After spending four days at the Novelist’s Inc. conference, I arrived home in time to wash clothes, repack and fly to Ohio for the Buckeye Book Fair. Three of my Facebook readers came to visit me at the book signing and I loved being with them. (Thanks Joni,…

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Happy Mardi Gras Day

Happy, happy Mardi Gras whether you’re among those who celebrate, wish you celebrated, or despise parades, beads and king cake any time of year. If you’re watching a parade right now, just know I wish I were right there beside you shouting “Throw me something, Mister!” The Unmasking, which is my one real carnival book, goes…

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Next Week, Same Time, Same Place

I’m so busy doing the edits and revisions of one of my first novels, The Unmasking, that I wasn’t able to blog yesterday, but please stay tuned for another preview of the book this week on Fiction Friday, in honor of Mardi Gras. I hope to have The Unmasking online at all your favorite bookstores…

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Tales of the Pacific and A New Online Magazine

Click to view Tales of the Pacific by Emilie Richards on GLOSSI.COM I’ll confess that the internet is a guilty pleasure. And the new tools that come with it? I love them, too. Let me introduce you to the newest toy in my digital toybox, a little something called Glossi. Can you guess what the…

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Fiction Friday: Kangaroos, Koalas and Wallabies

Welcome to Fiction Friday, a chance to share snippets of my books with you.  Some are old, some might be books in progress, eventually some may be entirely new content. Today’s excerpt is from the fourth and final book of my Tales of the Pacific series, which was originally issued in 1988-89, and tells the story…

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Fiction Friday: Opal Dreams and Barroom Brawls

Welcome to Fiction Friday, a chance  for me to share bits of novels written or novels in progress. I spent much of the past month editing my Tales of the Pacific series written in the late 1980s so I could reissue each of the four as ebooks. For the past two Fridays I’ve introduced you…

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