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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

The Website

The Great Migration is About to Begin

As I was planning what to write about today I realized my blog may temporarily be down on Wednesday. As I reported earlier my website is undergoing major revisions, and with luck, this is the week the old site disappears and the new one arrives. So this will be quick, just in case the blog…

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1,000+ Blog Posts: What Have I Learned?

Proman (short for project manager husband) informed me last month that I have written more than a thousand blog posts. Really? All this from the same woman who never kept or wanted to keep a journal? The woman who, when recently confronted with earlier scribblings from a spiral notebook, tore them to shreds so nobody…

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Questions, Answers and Giveaways

I’ve really enjoyed your responses to my new website. Lots of you have entered the Celebration Giveaway and commented as you did on what you appreciated most. In particular many of you enjoy the ease of navigation, the colors and photos we used on the home page, the book section, and how easy it makes…

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Thank you!

Fiction Friday returns next week, but in the meantime, thank you so much for all the wonderful emails as you entered (and continue to enter)  my Celebration Giveaway. There have been so many I can’t respond to each one, but I have read and smiled over every email. I’m making a list of your questions to…

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Here We Go Again: The Brand New Website

Well, if you’re reading this, you found me, yes? I’m so glad you did because we had just the tiniest snafus getting the new website up.  Easter’s Sunday Inspiration disappeared during the changeover, and for a while people with Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions were seeing a fine mess indeed. By the way, if…

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New Website Alert

I spent my weekend inputting new content for my website-in-progress. I’ve seen mock-ups now of all the pages, and until that moment, I didn’t realize how sadly out of date my old site was.  I can’t wait to get the new one up and running, which my webmaster claims should happen in the next week…

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Website Dos and Don’ts. I Really Want to Know

Today I’m asking for your feedback and help. After promising I would soon update my website, I’m finally getting around to the nuts and bolts. The decisions are going to make me “nuts” and while I’m not going to “bolt.” I might consider it a time or two in the months to come. My website…

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Book Clubs: Asking Questions to Deepen Understanding

When I decided to offer fifteen copies of Iron Lace (along with a king cake and phone interview) to raise money for diabetes research, I made my decision with the full knowledge that Iron Lace is one of my most popular novels for book discussion groups. Later I went back to my own website to…

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Comments: Do You Really Want to be Heard?

Today I received an interesting newsletter from The Content Strategist, published by Contently. The topic was blog comments. You remember comments? That little link on the top right of each of my posts where you get to express your opinion about what I’ve said? The Content Strategist explained that some websites have removed their comment link.…

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