New Website Alert

Office Dog from iStockI spent my weekend inputting new content for my website-in-progress. I’ve seen mock-ups now of all the pages, and until that moment, I didn’t realize how sadly out of date my old site was.  I can’t wait to get the new one up and running, which my webmaster claims should happen in the next week or two.

If websites are like house renovations, that means in the next month or two, but hey.

If you happen to stop by my site and it’s not loading, don’t worry.  That means we’re just between websites, so there might be a very slight gap while the switch is made.

One of the truly wonderful innovations on the new site?  My current blog post will begin right on my website home page.  So whenever you access, you’ll be able to see my most recent blog, and you can click to finish.  Now you won’t need to remember any address other than my website.  And that’s not hard, right?  After all, it’s just my name with com after it.  Not calm, but com.  Creating a new website means I’m anything but calm.

Another innovation that I love?  We have a drop down menu at the top entitled Goddesses.  Now with a simple click you can read about the major characters, take a “tour” of Asheville, or peruse links and resources related to the issues explored in the novels.  Best of all I can easily add and subtract information myself.  When you tell me something is missing, I can easily add it.  I’ll count on you for feedback.

I think you’ll enjoy the new site, which is sleeker and simpler to use.  I’m doing a Celebration Giveaway–you’ll find that under Extras–so stay tuned to find out when the website goes live and see what we’ve been up to.

Now, back to inputting–big sigh–data!

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