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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: The Legend of Sleepy Harlow

While I’m no longer doing Fiction Friday every week, you’ll be glad I came out of Friday hibernation for this one. My buddy Kylie Logan/Casey Daniels has a new book out , The Legend of Sleepy Harlow, just in time for Halloween, and when I read the excerpt in her newsletter I knew I had…

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Fiction Friday: Domestic Violence and No River Too Wide

While I announced last week that Fiction Friday was about to go on hiatus, today I’m back to share some excerpts about domestic violence from No River Too Wide. This week most people were stunned to see an elevator video of pro football Ray Rice, a Baltimore Ravens running back, assaulting his girlfriend Janay Palmer…

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Fiction Friday: Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Across the morning sky, all the birds are leaving . . . Friday came and went and I realized at the end of the day that as my summer winds down and I prepare for the journey south my writing has taken precedence over my Fiction Friday posts. Like the geese flying overhead every day,…

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Fiction Friday: Book Collections

Welcome to Fiction Friday. On Tuesday I showed you a few of the “prized possessions” which now adorn our summer cottage. I didn’t have room there to show you two “collections” we’ve added to our walls, so I’m adding them here. The first are mismatched plates I couldn’t bear to throw away, and the second a wonderful…

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Fiction Friday: Horror Stories from the Book Tour Life

Welcome to Fiction Friday. I’m in my last week of programming at Chautauqua Institution and scurrying around to do everything and see everyone before the season ends and we all begin to pack. I’m also making headway on the new book in progress and believe I’ll strike while the iron is hot. Instead of my usual interviews and…

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Fiction Friday: Book Websites You Have to Love

Welcome to Fiction Friday. I started Fiction Friday so I would have the opportunity to excerpt my books and those of some of my friends and colleagues. But I’m between books to share with you today, so instead I thought I would share some of my favorite websites about books. Of course it makes sense…

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Fiction Friday: Death By Devil’s Breath

Welcome to author Casey Daniels a.k.a. Kylie Logan. Since one of my good friends and brainstorming partners Casey Daniels/Kylie Logan’s been here in the past showcasing some of her novels, I thought I might interview her a bit today so you can find out more about the different series she has written and the sleuths who…

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Fiction Friday: Banned Books

Welcome to Fiction Friday. Over the past month I’ve featured book lists here, one made up of summer reading selections chosen by my readers, one with bestseller and most popular lists, and last week the 2014 reading list of the historic Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle. Today here’s another to share with you. Have you ever had to fight…

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Fiction Friday: Popular Novels and Bestseller Lists

Welcome to Fiction Friday. I thought for fun today instead of excerpts, I would look for popular novels in four different places. Last week I listed ten novels from the most recent entrants in my July book giveaway.  In order to be eligible to win one of three copies of Somewhere Between Luck and Trust, Book Two of the Goddesses…

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Fiction Friday: What Are You Reading?

Welcome to Fiction Friday, the “What are you reading?” edition. My last email newsletter offered readers a chance to win one of three copies of Somewhere Between Luck and Trust. I asked them “what are you reading?” All they had to do to enter was tell me a book on their summer list. Everybody who did…

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