What a long year, yes? And it’s been even longer than a year since I’ve updated my “news” here. 2020 went by without a new book on the shelves–and without a lot of other things, too, like eating out and going to movies and hugging grandchildren. But during quarantine I did add three of my classic romances, Runaway, The Way Back Home and Fugitive to my website book page. Your response has been gratifying. I’m delighted you enjoyed this series which was originally part of the Silhouette Intimate Moments imprint and deals with some weighty subjects. Now the countdown begins for my new book from Mira, The House Guests. It will be at bookstores everywhere on June 29, 2021. Like A Family of Strangers, I think of this one as suspenseful women’s fiction. I’m looking forward to hearing your comments.

Join me at Towne Book Center Wine Bar and Cafe in Collegeville, PA on August 7th at 7:00 for a booksigning and talk. Their book club is reading A Family of Strangers, so I expect lots of juicy questions. I’ll also be at the Buckeye Book Fair on November 2nd. More about that to come.

A Family of Strangers is now at bookstores everywhere–and on Audible, too. All links can be found on my book page. I’ve been absolutely delighted with reviews, including this one from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books–which doesn’t praise easily: “I absolutely loved A Family of Strangers by Emilie Richards. It’s a beautifully executed mystery with a lovely second-chance romance subplot. It also offers a depiction of what living with chronic pain can look like… A Family of Strangers was pretty much the perfect book for me.” Words to make an author proud.

If you’ve noticed that “recipes” have disappeared in my new website, it’s only temporary. An alert reader pointed out that “something was wrong with the ingredients as listed.” Sure enough, the mistakes were hysterically funny and mysterious, ranging from instant pudding and red pepper flakes added to many of them, with interesting additions like a teaspoon of chopped chicken in the vegan muffins and lots of blueberries everywhere. We’re in touch with the creator of the app and hope to get them up correctly soon. Although, I’ll admit that I’ll miss the crazy ones. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.

And while we’re talking about the new website and the new book? Let’s make this a trio of good things. You can find out more about A Family of Strangers when you view the new book trailer. You’ll find it at the bottom of my new home page. My talented photographer son created it for me.

A Family of Strangers debuts on June 25, 2019.  But I have another debut in store for you. I’m replacing this website with an equally lovely one that will also be easier to load and enjoy. We’re all so busy that my webmaster and I decided to make finding out what you really want to know as easy as possible. I’ll still have recipes, giveaways, and news plus all the basics. But check back soon to see it. We’re just putting the final touches on it now.

The Swallow’s Nest is now an audio book. Find and enjoy it here.

The Swallow’s Nest is now at bookstores everywhere. Want a preview? Enjoy the book trailer right here at my website. (6/14/17)

When We Were Sisters is now an audio release with three fabulous narrators. Find it in CD format or at (6/14/17)

Do you want to see a cover in the making? Three blogs this past week telling the true story of the cover for When We Were Sisters, including one from my publisher showing candid photos taken during the cover photo shoot. All three links can be found in this post:

I haven’t seen the review yet, but my editor tells me that When We Were Sisters is a Romantic Times Book Review Top Pick for June. Delighted. (4/27/16)

The Color of Light is now in audio with the same wonderful narrator, Karen White. (12/7/15)

My new “Krewe of Review” is made up of readers who sometimes get early or free access to my books in exchange for taking the time to put reviews online. If you’re interested in finding out more, email me through contact here on the website and I’ll send you information. At the moment we have room for more, but that may change in the future. (12/7/15)

Since my monthly newsletter is my most important way to communicate, subscribing for updates and news is always a good idea. But right now it’s even more important than usual since my subscribers will be getting a special Christmas treat this December. It’s not too late to sign up but do it soon. (12/7/15)

I enjoyed seeing some of my readers at the Buckeye Book Fair 2015 in November. I love putting faces to names I recognize from my Facebook Page and blog comments. Thank you for stopping by.

The Color of Light is now at bookstores. The ways of publishers are mysterious, but I’m pleased to say that this time, Mira also has a hardcover version for sale, aimed at libraries but available to all. For those of you who have asked for more hardcover, here it is. (7-29-15)

After traveling to the NINC conference and the Buckeye Book Fair, I’m ready for a month and a half of peaceful writing time as I finish up The Color of Light. Fall’s a great time to hunker down, don’t you think? (11-7-14)

I just participated in a thirteen author giveaway, and everyone who entered got an ebook from each author as well as a chance to win a Kindle Fire or equivalent. What a deal, huh? Thanks to those who played along, joined my newsletter and liked my Facebook Page as a result. So glad to have you with us. (11-7-14)

My October newsletter is about to launch, featuring a giveaway for readers on my mailing list. Two books and two charming bookmarks to two lucky winners. If you’re not on my mailing list you can sign up from almost any page on my website. (9-29-14)

Somewhere Between Luck and Trust is now available in Audio read by narrator Karen White. If you love to listen while you drive or quilt or just sit quietly in the evenings, I’m delighted I can add this to my other audio versions. (9-27-14)

Yes, we finally have a title everybody likes, me most of all.  The fourth Goddesses Anonymous book will be The Color of Light. A reader suggested this and I knew right away this was perfect. Glad everyone agreed. (8-7-14)

Buckeye Book Fair is November 1st and this year I’ll be there enjoying the crowds and the atmosphere as always. Check my Events page for more info. (7-21-14)

One Mountain Away is now available in audio. A great novel to listen to while quilting, driving, cleaning the house, cooking and so much more.

My publisher is still considering which of many titles I’ve suggested they would like me to use for the fourth Goddesses book. I’ll let you know what “we” are calling it as soon as I know.  Some of you have made lovely suggestions.

Okay, forget I mentioned the Happiness Key re-releases. My publisher has decided to reissue One Mountain Away in mass market paperback instead. Bless their hearts. Never a dull day. I’m still hand-quilting the HK quilt, however. By the time I finish, maybe they’ll have decided again to reissue it.

I just signed a contract with my publisher for three more women’s fiction novels. I’m working on the fourth novel in the Goddesses Anonymous series to begin the contract and I love being with these characters again.  Can you guess which “goddess” this book is about?

I just learned that the Happiness Key series will be re-released in mass market paperback, beginning in May. In celebration I’m finishing the hand quilting on my Happiness Key quilt–or trying to.

I’m delighted to tell you that each book in the Goddesses Anonymous series is about to become an audiobook, too, beginning with No River Too Wide, and working backwards. The narrator, Karen White, has been in touch about character accents and I’m excited to be working with her.  I have bios on each character, but not necessarily where they grew up unless it’s relevant. So I had to imagine what kind of accents each would have. It’s the best kind of challenge. Stay tuned to learn pub dates.  I can guarantee they’ll be great to quilt and drive to, my favorite audiobook moments.

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My new website is up and running at last. Be sure you check the giveaway page under Extras on the top navigation bar. I’m giving away ten copies of The Trouble With Joe to celebrate the completion of my new site. Spend some time checking out recipes, too, as well as all the extras about my Goddesses Anonymous books under Goddesses. I think you’ll particularly love the new Books section, which is easier to navigate and series and books within them easier to figure out. Enjoy.

I am SO pleased to announce that Wedding RingEndless Chain, and Lover’s Knot, the first three books of the Shenandoah Album series, will be re-released starting in late March with beautiful new covers and a reasonable price.  These are trade paperback editions with easier-to-read print due to the slightly larger size.  Really, what more could I ask for?  Oh, I know, a chance to do the sixth book of the series.  But this is a great step in that direction.

Tomorrow is my final day of training to become a certified Proliteracy volunteer. I’ve been assigned my first learner, a man who needs a little help with his English language skills.  I very much look forward to being a literacy volunteer for a long time.  Imagine not being able to read?  Or communicate?

Have you been following Crazy Cottage Capers on my blog?  We’re renovating an 1895 Victorian cottage in NY and we have the photos to prove it.  Just click on Renovations under categories to watch the progress.  So far the only real progress has been demolition.  It’s a wreck.  Scary.

Let It Snow is all finished and in the capable hands of my editor.  And the new project?  Book Three of the Goddesses Anonymous series, No River Too Wide. I’m told that’s really going to be the title and I can count on it.  Love the sound of that.

Happily moving into my new home in Osprey, Florida.  Can’t say enough good things about the view out my study window.  A lovely natural waterway and preserve, as well as a couple of alligators who cruise by regularly and myriad water birds.  I am blessed.

If all continues to go well I’ll be a Florida resident by Thanksgiving.  Wonder if I can find Wanda’s pie shop in time for a little Happiness Key pumpkin pie?

I’m working on a novella to be published at Christmas time 2013. An interesting experience to write a blizzard scene when Hurricane Sandy was blowing along the coast.  Takes a lot of imagination.  Let It Snow was more like Let It Blow.

Come visit me, along with Casey Daniels, Karen Harper, Serena Miller and others at the Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster, Ohio on November 3rd.  (2012) See Events page for details.

Just saw the first cover concepts for the book in progress, Somewhere Between Luck and Trust.  Fun to see the possibilities before the first book is even at bookstores.  Very glad I had a chance to comment.

Almost ready to write “The End” on my first draft of Somewhere Between Luck and Trust.  Thinking that writing a book in the middle of a move is not the easiest or best scenario, but I’m happy with it anyway.  That’s ALWAYS good news.

Title change: Somewhere Between Luck and Trust.  Not my idea, but I liked it well enough to agree.  It’s growing on me.

Are you following my 70 Book Giveaway at my blog to celebrate the publication of my 70th book?  There’s still time to enter and win.

Right now I’m hard at work on the second book in the Goddesses Anonymous series, tentatively titled At the Crossroads of Luck and Trust.  I hope we keep that one.  And guess what?  Luck and Trust are real-life places near Asheville, NC.  Bet you didn’t know that.

Novelists Diane Chamberlain, Sandra Dallas, Sherryl Woods, Barbara Bretton and Catherine Anderson have all read One Mountain Away (first book in a new series at bookstores in August) and given me wonderful cover quotes.  Will share them closer to pub date.  I feel blessed to have colleagues like this, and blessed they liked the book.

I continue to blog every Tuesday and Friday, plus on Sunday’s tune into my blog for Sunday Poetry, a new poem to consider each week from the world’s outstanding poets.

New Sunday night movies in Germany on ZDF, from my novels, From Glowing Embers, Aloha Always, and Rainbow Fire.  I had the fun of traveling to Germany to do promotion for Rainbow Fire and meet the male stars.  Not sure which part of this was the most fun.

In preparation for the launch of Sunset Bridge, please visit my contest/giveaway page and enter to win one of four pie-related gift boxes each Friday in June, plus a grand prize on July 1st. Details right here.  Enjoy.

Readers are writing my publisher in support of the Shenandoah Album series.  If you’d like to join them, the addresses are: Mira Books c/o Reader Service P.O. Box 9049 Buffalo NY 14269-9049 Or in Canada: Mira Books c/o Reader Service P.O. Box 616 Fort Erie ON L2A 5X3