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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

Life in Northern Virginia

Unexpected Gifts

Nemo, our rescue beagle, loves everybody, but some people are particularly special to him.  The son and daughter-in-law who found him in the woods as a puppy and nursed him back to health and into our home.  Other family members.  My cleaning lady and my assistant, both of whom have provided pet care in the past.  …

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And Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood

Living in Northern Virginia comes with fabulous perks.  One of them is the proximity of Washington DC’s amazing and free museums.  Living in Nothern Virginia comes with problems, as well.  We are an ambitious lot, working far more than the so-called normal 40 hours a week, and using cars as weapons so that we can be…

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This We Can Do

When you live just outside Washington DC, and your candidate wins the presidency, you go to the Inauguration?  Right?  Oh, wait.  Millions of other people are planning to go.  The temperatures will be below freezing.  There is no hope of getting transportation into the city that morning because the Metros will be mobbed and the roads closed,…

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