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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time


Three More Plots Readers Love Plus A Giveaway

Three more you say? What about the first three? Almost two and a half years ago I blogged about three plots readers seem to love. At the time I said the blog needed a sequel.  Then I moved on and never looked back. Today I came across that post, and so I sat awhile, as…

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Novels That Have Changed the World

Notre Dame Cathedral has been through a lot, more than most of us realize. Among other atrocities, Hitler once slated the great cathedral for demolition. Before that it survived clueless remodeling, environmental decay and revolutionary ransacking, too. And, of course, this week the world almost lost it for good. In all the many articles about…

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Twelve Elements I Look for in a Book

Last week I told you about my experiences with two books I tried to read and couldn’t. Over the next week you weren’t shy chiming in. I loved your comments. Each of you has a different “rule” you read by. Some read to the bitter end. One reader suggested that we subtract our age from…

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When Do I Stop Reading?

Read Along With Emilie Richards has turned out to be even more fun than I expected. When I decided it would be fun to create a new Facebook Group for readers who want to share and discuss what they’re reading, I expected we’d start small and grow slowly. To my surprise we’re now well over two-hundred…

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Three Plots Readers Can’t Get Enough of and Why

I love the title of my blog today, don’t you? Doesn’t it sound like I know what I’m talking about? That’s always a plus, but not necessarily the truth. Quite honestly my social science background is shaking me by the shoulder and asking how I know what readers love.  Have I done studies or even read other…

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Read Along With Emilie Richards

I’m delighted with myself. Or more accurately with an idea “myself” had this week. The Read Along With Emilie Richards Facebook Group is now a fait accompli. Those of you who read here regularly know about the reading challenges I’m participating in this year. In short, I’m doing the Better World Books 2017 Reading Challenge, as well…

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Northanger Abbey: Jane Austen’s Defense of Novels

The Better World 2017 Reading Challenge is even more fun than I expected. On January 18th I blogged about the challenge here, and then I promptly got down to business.  First I chose and finished Zane Grey’s Riders of the Purple Sage. Scroll down to the bottom of last Wednesday’s post to hear my thoughts…

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Reading Challenge: Are You Up For One?

Some words are just loaded with meaning, aren’t they? I’m thinking of the word “challenge.” “Challenge,” only second to “resolution,” appears frequently in print and in conversations in January. We’re challenged to exercise more, eat less, drop all our bad habits like a fledgling backpacker, tossing canned goods and bottles of water behind him, ten…

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Is It Time to Write Your Own Book?

Our wonderful neighbors across the street gave a “new book” party several weeks ago. And, no, while everyone in our neighborhood has been unfailingly supportive of my writing career, this one wasn’t for me. The author was Keekee Minor, who just published her memoir, A Minor Odyssey. Keekee told us two years ago that she had…

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