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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

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It Only Seems Like Yesterday

Was it really 1990? It only seems like yesterday… Once upon a time I had a dream. Yes, I really did. I was in bed with the flu and feverish. I couldn’t work, but I couldn’t let go of a dream I’d had for a romance proposal due soon to my publisher. A proposal can…

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The Devil Made Me Do It, Or Did S/He?

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. The most common question novelists are is asked is where they get their ideas. There’s a good reason for this question, one I often want to ask my favorite writers, too. Ideas are by far the most interesting part of writing, for both writers and non-writers. All…

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We Interrupt This Program for a Word from our Sponsor

I survived launch day! I’m delighted to say that yesterday A Family of Strangers went on sale. My husband bought freshly picked garden flowers at the farmer’s market to celebrate, and after a shopping trip for paint for our newly renovated bathroom (half-successful) and a bed frame with a simple headboard (not successful) we went…

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A Family of Strangers: One Week Away

I feel like I’m about to give birth again. Of course a book arriving on bookstore shelves–and eReaders, too–is not the same as having a baby. Having done both, though, I can appreciate the similarities. A novel and a baby take months of nurturing and special care before they make their debut. Parents and authors…

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Researching A Novel: All Those Things I Had to Learn

In two months A Family of Strangers will grace your favorite bookstore. Next week my good friend Kylie Logan/Casey Daniels will tell you a bit about the fun of preparing for her book launch in May. I’m not launching yet, but I thought you might enjoy some of the “behind-the-scenes” action that took place while…

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Hold Back the Night

Hold Back the Night is now enjoying a new home at your favorite online bookstore. Well, okay, that’s not quite true. So far we still haven’t been able to get the book up at iBooks. Days of hard work, and there’s always a new issue. And Google Play’s still hiding behind a bush and making…

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Titles and Covers: Telling the Real Story

This week Proman (husband and project manager) and I began an arduous project.. Actually the project began almost a year ago. That’s when I took a hard look at three of my back list books that I published on online bookstores for my readers to enjoy. Two of those books just needed new covers, and…

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Cover Reveal: A Family of Strangers

This has been such a busy couple of months. They’ve gone something like this: After I finished writing A Family of Strangers (Mira June 2019) I took a glorious three week trip to Europe and Africa. I came home with bronchitis and took a three week break from doing everything except coughing and eating soup.…

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Night Magic: Whys, Wherefores and Giveaway

Night Magic is finally at bookstores today, completing the New Orleans Nights trilogy at last. Today I’ll answer some of the questions I’ve received since announcing that Night Magic was coming. And at the end? A giveaway announcement. Why did I write Night Magic? Lady of the Night and Bayou Midnight were two of my…

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