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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

What Were They Thinking?

I’m Posting, but I Can’t Get Up (on your Facebook Newsfeed)

So, you’ve liked my Facebook Page, but you’ve stopped receiving my Page posts in your Facebook newsfeed.  Have I given up on Facebook?  Discovered the joys of trying to communicate in 140 characters on Twitter? Decamped to Google+?  Not at all? It’s not me posting less, it’s Facebook’s new algorithm program. Don’t stop reading. I won’t…

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I Really Want To Know–The Books You Love

I’m on vacation right now, celebrating a special wedding anniversary with my husband. We decided to do a cruise since this year has been very busy and neither of us wanted a busy vacation, too. The idea of sailing almost anywhere and letting somebody else take care of basics for a while quickly grew on…

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The Write Way: The Hornets or the Alligator?

Let me tell you a story. A devoted father takes his four children out for a pontoon boat cruise on one of Florida’s wild and scenic rivers. The oldest son is nearly twelve. The youngest is only 18 months. The trip is lovely, but somewhat uneventful, so he lets the oldest pilot the boat. Then…

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Banned from Wal Mart, A Cautionary Tale

With Hurricane Sandy and the Frankenstorm coming to many of you, I wanted something quick and entertaining today, just in case you still have power wherever you are.  Author M.J. Rose had the following on her Facebook Page, and I decided it fit the bill.  She says a friend forwarded it to her, so, for…

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Cockalorums, Lickspittles and Snollygosters

Today I’m on my way to Hamburg, Germany, where I’ll be doing publicity for my German TV movies, plus spending time with my German publisher, CORA Verlag.  I wrote this blog in preparation, but I’ll catch you up on my trip next Friday.  Meantime enjoy. Let me tell you about my secret addiction.  Nothing illegal, mind you,…

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Are You Well Connected, or a Slave to Technology?

Our TiVo died.  Not without fanfare, and certainly not without warning.  For the past four months, in the  most interesting part of any program, the picture was nearly guaranteed to break up, the progress of the story halted as we rooted for TiVo to heal itself and continue until we discovered who had killed whom. …

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Cleaning Out My Office, One Book At A Time

Some dilemmas are so easily resolved, but it takes creativity.  Recently when my publisher “gifted” me with multiple cartons of my upcoming re-releases, I raised my hands to the heavens and shrieked.  Ask my assistant, she was there.  There is simply no place to put more books.  I already have a gazillion cartons–including my lovely Quilt…

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You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto–What Are Reviews Really Worth?

The subject of this blog?  Oddly enough, not the reviews for Fortunate Harbor.  Yes, the book’s out now, and yes there have been lots of reviews, the vast majority, I’m happy to say, good ones like this from Publishers Weekly: “A juicy, sprawling beach read with a suspenseful twist. . .”  Or this from Randall Radic at Basil…

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