I Really Want To Know–The Books You Love

St.Thomas-Celebrity Equinox by Flickr's Roger4336I’m on vacation right now, celebrating a special wedding anniversary with my husband. We decided to do a cruise since this year has been very busy and neither of us wanted a busy vacation, too. The idea of sailing almost anywhere and letting somebody else take care of basics for a while quickly grew on us. I see a lot of naps and sun in my immediate future, and once I’m finally packed, I’ll be all set to enjoy it.

While I’m gone, I won’t be working, but I thought I might ask you to do a little. I love getting to know you better. So with a new year upon us and career decisions to make for me, I thought it might be fun to ask you a few questions. I hope you’ll find the time to answer one or all of them. Just click on comment at the top right of this post, and follow directions to let us know what you think.

Your comment might not appear immediately since I must approve each one–to be sure robots aren’t spamming the site–and I’m not sure whether I’ll have much Internet on the voyage. We’ll see  But it will appear eventually, so just be patient and if nothing else, I can approve when I return.

Here are the questions:

  1. Who are your favorite authors? We know you like mine or you wouldn’t be reading this blog, so please feel free to list lots of different people.
  2. What do you most like to read about in the books you choose? For instance: family life; friendships; people falling in love; police solving crimes. There are no wrong answers.
  3. What will make you put down a book faster than anything else? (Examples: A specific subject you don’t want to read about? A style of writing? A boring opening?)
  4. How likely are you to read a novel by an author whose view on life is obviously different from yours? Are differences barriers or assets?
  5. What are your favorite settings for novels? (Examples: Small towns?  Cruise ships? Big cities? Europe?)
  6. What makes you enjoy an author’s work so much that you want to pick up his/her’s next book? Can you single out something that’s most important to you?

I’ll be looking forward to reading your answers.  One of the changes we’re seeing in the publishing business is the ability of readers to make comments in places where authors and publishers can see them and take them into consideration.  I thought that YOU should be among them.

I may be out of town but don’t forget to come back this Friday and next for excerpts from one of my very first novels, soon to be an ebook, and again on Sunday for a wonderful inspirational story.


  1. Jeanne Adamek on January 16, 2014 at 7:38 am

    1. Karen White, Marie Bostwick, Imogene Robertson, Susanne Kearsley, Anne George, Elizabeth Peters, Laurie King, Linda
    Castillo, Anne Perry, Juliet Blackwell and many more!

    2. All above (friendships… ect)

    3. Vampires (Zombies ect). Also unnecessary gore in the description of a murder. Unnecessary torture scenes.

    4. It would depend on the outlook– a complete difference on morals would probably be a barrier.

    5. As an American living in Europe (Vienna, Austria)I like reading about places where my relatives live (especially those that I visited). I also get a kick reading U.S. authors who write about Vienna. And, of course, Great Britian

    6. I find it the most important when the author leaves one with a feeling of hope. Humor is a close second…

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