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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach–Whose Story and Why

By now, maybe you’ve guessed who the  major character of Treasure Beach is going to be.  The first installment of the “novellini” went up on Tuesday, to be followed by many more.  Each Tuesday, right through July, a new part will debut.  Timewise the story fits snugly between Fortunate Harbor and Sunset Bridge,  at the…

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Treasure Beach: Who, What, Where, How and Why

Note on March 8, 2012:  If you’ve just discovered this post, you’ll find it provides the background for a novella I wrote for this blog entitled Treasure Beach,  which debuted here with the following post and continued for every Tuesday all the way through July.  You’ll see I announced midway down the page that I would…

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