Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time


Spring Break

Some weeks lend themselves to saying very little on the blog. My youngest son and oldest grandson are visiting on spring break, and I’m having so much fun with them. Nothing beats catching up with family, and spring is SW Florida’s busiest time of year. Yesterday we stood in line for 30″ just to buy…

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Love at the Dollar General, A Thanksgiving wedding

While I travel this month I’ve selected some of my favorite past blogs to share with you. This one is from 2009 when our family celebrated a very special wedding at Thanksgiving time. I get weepy reading it. There’s an update at the end. They had been a couple for more than twenty years.  Each…

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Old Friends, or Digging Through Trash Cans for Love

While I’m traveling in November, I’ve chosen some of my favorite blogs from the past to share with you. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed going back into the past to find them. This one, about old friends, is from 2009. I’ve been cleaning my study.  Today I discovered…

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Gone Hiking

I’m writing this before I discover what Hurricane Irma has in store for Florida, which is clearly going to be life-changing for many people in my home state–and possibly Proman and me. In the meantime we’re taking a long-planned hiking trip to the Utah parks to celebrate Proman’s recent birthday, and I’m practicing what I…

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The Family We Inherit

My son-in-law’s mother died this week.  We knew it was inevitable, and she died surrounded by the people who loved her.  She was too young, and she had too many contributions left to make, but I take comfort in the wealth of family who were there for her at the end.  Her life will be…

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Four Tips to Make the Holiday Season Count

Greater Good Science Center.  Really?  I didn’t remember “liking” any such institution on my Facebook page, but now these interlopers were sending me updates. Just as I was about to send them to “unlike” purgatory, the link itself caught my eye. Gratitude vs. Materialism.  Okay, now I realized who they were.  GGSC researches emotional and social well-being and…

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Love Finds You–An Interview With Author Serena B. Miller

**Congratulations to Paula, commenter #2, whose number was chosen at random.org and will now receive an autographed copy of Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio.  Thanks to everyone who “chatted” here with Serena while the giveaway was in progress. Some years ago I received an email from another minister’s wife, an aspiring author.  She wanted…

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Mothers In Law and In Our Hearts

I’ll confess these days I wince when I hear mother-in-law jokes.  I wince because I am a mother-in-law times three.  I have three wonderful in-law kids, and our family is enriched three-fold by their addition.  I’m hoping to be a completely different kind of punchline at the end of my life.  As goals go, that’s…

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The Rift That Will Not Mend–When Adoptions Fail

This week the news networks were filled with stories of the “mother” who sent her adopted son back to Russia, unaccompanied by anybody except flight attendants and the child’s own distress and sense of failure.  Her action was wrong, plain and simple.  No child deserves that treatment.  No flight attendant deserves or should accept that kind of responsibility.  And…

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