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Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time

Life in General

Life Hacks: Make Reading More Fun

Do you ever find yourself on an organizing spree? My confession: I rarely organize. I straighten and I clean when necessary. When piles in my study are taller than I am, or when I can no longer navigate the route to the love seat only three feet away, I know it’s time to clean and…

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Favorite Moments of My Summer and Fall

It’s that time of year. We’re packing to move back to Florida. I’ll confess it’s time to leave. Chautauqua Institution, which hosts thousands during the summer but now, empty and silent, reminds me of that sad moment when you realize the party is over, the guests have departed, and you’ve been left alone to set…

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Westward Ho!

One of the best parts of having four children—and there were many best parts—is visiting them as adults. So that’s what I’ll be doing for the new few weeks, first in California and then Hawaii. And no, none of them has yet had the good sense to relocate to our fiftieth state, but after California,…

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Befuddled, Bothered and Bewildered

Who likes change? Raise your hands. I see some of you are waving wildly to get my attention. I see some of you cringing in the corner. I’m afraid I cringe with you. Change is a good thing. Too much of it can send me into a tailspin. So, in the last month I’ve done…

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Diversity, Our Greatest Strength

  I’m traveling for most of the month of November, and I’ll be sharing some of my blogs from 2009-2010 with you while I’m gone. I’ve loved going back to find those I loved most. I looked for a Halloween post for today, but this one, from early 2010 appealed to me instead. Diversity in…

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On The Road Again

I’m probably channeling Willie Nelson because last week, I saw a short clip from the new Ken Burns documentary on country music. The clip was all about Kris Kristofferson, but Willie was in it, too. Be sure you “tune” in when the series airs on your local PBS station. The date’s not yet announced, but…

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Novelists and Grandmothers

This is grandparents’ week at our cottage. Instead of writing, blogging and Facebooking, I’m indulging in Super Diaper Baby, Uno, and watching my six year old grandson ride the big yellow bus to Children’s School and then sit quietly at Chautauqua’s historical amphitheater as he takes in ballet and orchestra with a child’s enthusiasm—and longer-than-expected…

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No Good Deeds Go Unpunished?

Have you heard about James and Kimberly Snead? The Sneads are ordinary folks, not rich by anybody’s standards. By their own description in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, they live from paycheck to paycheck and rent their home. When an acquaintance of the Snead’s son was orphaned and had no other place to go, they…

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When Bloggers Nap

After a busy weekend hosting all my children, spouses and grandchildren, I need to nap more than I need to blog. You’ve all been there, right? So I’ll be back next week. In the meantime. . . ZZZZZZ. . . .

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Friction: What’s In Your Way? What Ought To Be?

I receive a lot of email. In fact I spend far too much time clearing out my inbox every day. I’m not talking about spam, which is luckily well controlled. Too much of the email I’ve actually signed up for is useless to me: companies trying to sell me things I don’t need or want;…

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