Here We Go Again: The Brand New Website

Website Construction at iStockphotoWell, if you’re reading this, you found me, yes? I’m so glad you did because we had just the tiniest snafus getting the new website up.  Easter’s Sunday Inspiration disappeared during the changeover, and for a while people with Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions were seeing a fine mess indeed.

  • By the way, if you HAVE Internet Explorer 8 or before and you’re using it, update to a newer version to see this site with all the bells and whistles. More important, update for your own security. This message was brought to you by the good folks at Authorbytes who labored long and hard to give you IE8ers a version of the website you could enjoy.

If you just received my email newsletter, I pointed out lots of new things for you to see. If you didn’t receive it and want to sign up so you, too, will get special content and giveaways, you can sign up from almost any page on this website. Isn’t that cool? I’m always amazed what my webmaster and designers come up with.

What are some of my favorite changes here? First, the homepage, photos courtesy of my photography wizard son Galen, who practices his art in Asheville, NC. Are you beginning to understand why Asheville is the setting for my Goddesses Anonymous series? Isn’t that sunset over the mountains something to treasure?  My pub photo was shot on site at the Biltmore Estate, and wasn’t I smart to wear a blouse that color to go so well with the new website backdrop? (Completely random, unfortunately, but fortuitous.)

I love the fact that you can access my blog right from the homepage because, as you’ve noted, I’m sure, I blog a lot.  In fact my webmaster groaned for days because of all the blog posts he had to transfer. But wow, they look great here, so thanks, Steve and Ken, for doing the heavy lifting.

I also love having the recipes where you can easily find them–under Extras, in case you haven’t yet gotten there. They used to be on my book pages and nobody ever noticed them.

I love that you can now easily tell which books I’ve written belong together and the order in which to read them. The printable booklist and series romance list are both up to date, and my new ebooks are easy to find.

Can’t help but love the Goddesses tab, too. Confused about who’s whom? Click on Characters. Want Asheville information? You’ll find it there. And if the issues and subjects in the novels interest you and you want more information about them, we’ve provided links and resources to other sites. We’ll be updating those as new information comes our way, too.

There’s more, but please take the time to click and see what interests you. And then, once you know, enter my Celebration Giveaway, found under Extras, and tell me.

I asked for help from you, my favorite people, and you gave it to me. I hope the website meets your needs, and if it doesn’t, let me know. We’ll see what we can do.


  1. Donna H on April 23, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    Beautiful website, My favourite colours (yes I’m Canadian we do spell some things differently) Have friends in the Asheville area so I really enjoy the books that little bit more.

    • Emilie Richards on April 23, 2014 at 10:02 pm

      It’s always fun to read about places we know a little, isn’t it? Thanks for the nice comment.

  2. Lynn Ross on April 24, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    I really love your new website, Emilie! The photography is breathtaking. All of your websites have been very well done and interesting. They keep getting better and better. 🙂

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