Journey into the Lives of Women, One Story at a Time


Who Doesn’t Love Bargain Books?

At last I can tell you more about the promotion for From Glowing Embers that I mentioned in my last blog. You might have noticed (did you?) that I didn’t ply you with links as I introduced my newest ebook. That’s because I knew you might want to buy it as part of this wonderful…

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Fiction Friday: Lovers Reunited

Welcome to my new blog feature, Fiction Friday, where on Fridays–whenever I can–I’ll share a snippet from a novel I’m writing or have written. The snippets won’t always be the beginning of a story, like today’s, but they will always be something I hope you’ll enjoy. Today’s excerpt is from my novel From Glowing Embers,…

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Emilie Richards’ Classics

As most of you know, I began my writing career in the romance genre and published dozens of romances before I realized I was writing about many things other than romance that I wanted to explore in more depth. Slowly, without realizing it, I had moved into a broader “genre,” women’s fiction, which encompasses all…

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Kiki Lowenstein Rides Again

One of the best parts of being an author is making friends with other authors.  In 2008 my friend Joanna Campbell Slan began her new mystery series, the Scrap-N-Craft mysteries featuring scrapbooker Kiki Lowenstein, who manages to get herself into the most amazing predicaments.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Joanna here two years ago,…

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Hanging Out On the Beach For Fun and Profit

Last week’s Novelists Inc. conference was fabulous. I came home with so much information, but unfortunately no suntan to go with it.  I was inside the hotel at workshops madly scribbling notes almost the entire time.  When I wasn’t, I was investigating Sarasota with friends, which might well turn out to be our Florida home someday. …

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How Hard Can It Be? Publishing an eBook.

Last Friday at Southern Exposure I posted the original covers of my novels Once More With Feeling and Twice Upon A Time, and showed the way the eBook cover for Twice Upon A Time grew from stock photography to finished product. Twice Upon A Time was the easiest.  I immediately found several photographs I liked, including one…

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Can You Judge An eBook By Its Cover?

I’ll confess of the more than sixty books I’ve written, I’ve had good covers and not-so-good covers.  I’ve had a few great ones, too.  Not surprisingly, those books sold the best.  Have I made my point succinctly?  Covers make a difference.  A very big difference.  And sometimes it’s hard to get them right. When I decided to…

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Ebooks, Treasured Novels, and Becoming My Own Publisher

So there I was last October, in a packed room with treasured colleagues, authors I love, authors I’ve admired, and newish authors with infectious enthusiasm for this crazy career of ours.  And in the front on the panels?  Some of the most powerful people in publishing.  Novelists, Inc., an international group of multi-published authors, is the only…

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